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Case Study 3

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Cindy Le
A&P 211
June 9, 2014
Case Study #3

1. In the NoPain drug trials, phase I clinical trials did not have a placebo group because different phases are testing different aspects of the drugs. Phase I was meant to first screen the drug safety for human subjects. In phase II, the research was meant to see who would benefit from taking the drug, the benefits realized, and best administrative routes of the drug. 

2. MedPharm could not reduce their test group to only 50 volunteers during phase II and phase III because they need a larger group to be able to distinguish factors such what kinds of people would benefit from the drug or test the different age groups. By having a large sample group, this will allow for higher degree of statistical confidence is the drug’s ability to work in a wide range of cancer patients. 

3. The NoPain ...view middle of the document...

5. To sterilize my cotton swabs I would use an autoclave, a popular method to sterilize with steamed pressure or alcohol, which can be seen at medical facilities with pre moisten swabs with alcohol. Methods that I believe are not as efficient are UVlight since it seems more fitting for food, air and water purification and lastly, phenol which may be toxic to sensitive people and corrosive to skin.

6. All of them. According to the case study immunotherapy and chemotherapy will help, and with further research online, radiotherapy would also be another method of treatment.
a. Immunotherapy: tries to use the body’s natural responses to fight cancerous cells, pathogens or
b. Chemotherapy: chemicals (drugs) to treat the disease
c. Radiotherapy: using ionizing radiation, radiation makes a small break in the DNA inside cells. The break created will attempt to keep cancer cells from growing and dividing.
7. I would explain to the patient that there could be numerous possibilities of why noscocomial lung infection occurred. Reasons are that there may be an airborne pathogen that surfaced, the equipment may have not been disinfected completely, or there was a possibility of a contamination because staff did not practice proper protocol for hygiene, such as hand washing (sounds like a lawsuit). 

8. If the physician were to provide the patient with antibiotics that he wanted administered rapid and prolonged, he should go the intravenous route.

9. The use of international units is important in medicine because it tells us the quantity for substance such as fat-soluble vitamins, hormones and vaccines. IU is also important because they can tell us the specific amount of a substance needed in order to produce an effect. 

a. Gastronomy: incision of the stomach
b. Gastrectomy: removal of the stomach
c. Gastroscopy: viewing procedure of the stomach
d. Gastrocentesis: puncture in the stomach
e. Gastroclysis : irrigation of the stomach

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