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Case Study

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1. What influence tactics and power bases are evident in this case?
The influence tactics and power bases evident in this case are an Inspirational appeal which tries to build enthusiasm by appealing to others emotions, ideals, or values. The ROWE system would appeal to the employees because other commitments in their lives would be easier to handle with a more flexible schedule. Consultation tactic was also used in part because the staff participated in the planning, decisions making, and changes. Legitimate power is evident in that employees were given formal authority to make decisions, and positive legitimate power for job performance producing results.
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4. What impact do you expect the ROWE program to have on organizational politics at J.A. Counter? Explain. The impact of the ROWE program on organizational politics at J. A. Counter will be mixed. Like any organization some will play the game and others will be thrown under the bus. At times, employees tend to feel a sense of entitlement over others based on their status level. Political tactics will occur when blame is placed on those who don’t pull their own weight and pointing fingers at slackers and abusers of the flextime system. Already there was mention of the “receptionist position” and I take that to mean that others don’t want to be bothered answering phones when she is not around. Some employees in general tend to use the tactic “see how much I can get away with” and show resistance to comply, eventually causing uneven workloads because someone has to take up the slack to get the job done. That’s why the system has to be monitored closely. I think that anyone who cannot play by the rules should have the privilege of flextime taken away from them and work a regular schedule. That would be the fair thing to do in my opinion.
5. What are your own feelings about the ROWE concept? Would you like to work in such an unstructured situation? My feeling about the ROWE concept is quite positive. I think it could work as long as it is being monitored and everyone is held accountable for completing their assigned tasks. The workforce environment has changed and we need to move forward to modern times with the assistance of new technology making this all possible. The lifestyles and commitments of people are very stressful today. Intermingling work and personal life with a flexible schedule would help many workers accomplish their goals with less stress and more fulfillments enriching their lives.
I would love to work in a ROWE environment as long as all employees were treated equal and offered this work option. I’d welcome the leeway of flexibility and maybe even have opportunities to conduct some work tasks from home. I enjoy interacting with coworkers. The organization I currently work for enforces flextime and I love it!
Works Cited
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Case Title: Beyond Flextime Course: Organizational Behavior
Date: December 17, 2011 Submitted by: Camille McIntyre

Case Overview
Today more employers are offering adaptable work schedules to accommodate their business needs. For some employers this is an added benefit option to retain...

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