Case Study 10

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Assignment Case 10 Questions:
1. What are the chief elements of Apple’s overall competitive strategy? How well do the pieces fit together? Is the strategy evolving?
Apples overall competitive strategies were well fit for their industry. They used the cost-based advantage to beat their competitors, they offered a valuable product at a lower price. They would also market the next generation of products that helped them Leapfrog their competitors and they continually produced new product innovations that drew more sales and market shares from their rivals. They also used the hit-and-run tactics, using promotional activities to surprise their rivals.

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This continued to help their sales and build their business success.

3. What does a competitive strength assessment reveal about Apple’s computer business, as compared to the leaders in the personal computer industry? Use the methodology in Table 4.2 to support your answer. Does it appear that the company’s competitive positions in personal media players and smartphones or stronger or weaker than its position in computers?
Although Apple came back boosting their computer sales HP was diverse in their software, personal computers, printers and financial services. However, their sales declined during the next recession. Then their customers started to prefer the portable computers over desktops. Dell also had high sales in computers, having high revenues, and they too suffered during the recession. The strong price competition also hurt Dells sales. They began to offer a wide range of computers from low end, low priced models to fancy high priced models. Acer grew to be too largest fastest growing company in Europe and Africa. Their multi-brand strategy also helped them to become the fastest growing vendor in the United States. They had a winning business model, a competitive products and innovative marketing sales. They also brought in high end smartphones. I think that Apple had a better success rate with their smart phones and personal media services.

4. Does it make good strategic sense for Apple to be a competitor in the computer, personal media player, smartphone, and tablet computer industries? Are the value chain activities that Apple performs in computers, personal media players, tablet computers and smartphones very...

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