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01. Executive Summary

02. Problem Statement

03. Suggestions

Executive Summary

Purpose –

Purpose of this case study is to identify and analyze key problems in Training & Development. And find out what are the solutions and recommendations can provide to overcome such problems.

Methodology –

Find out what are the key problems, issues, in the management, and Training & Development.

Findings –

• No Policy regarding Training & Development

• Training Expenditure was very high

• Not Effective in-house trainings

• Do not ...view middle of the document...

No Policy regarding Training & Development

Companies have policies for most of the things including Training & Development. It may include how many trainings we are conducting for the whole year? , How much we are going to allocate for T&D for the year in the budget? , How we identify the training needs etc. But in this case the company do not have a policy regarding T&D.

02. Training Expenditure was very high

Managing the costs of training initiatives is very important as training costs are increasing day by day and this becomes very important in managing over all training budgets in relation to the training objectives that you need to achieve in a given period. But in this case the company has traditionally been very lavish with their training expenditure & was always known in the industry for a company that spent a lot on training & developing their employees.

03. Not Effective in-house trainings

The in-house training absorbed a minimal cost as Ravi himself was handling it, however this was only limited to product training. But when investigating further CEO Dylan Perera wanted to check the effectiveness of the in-house programs that were conducted by Ravi. Ravi has done an extensive amount of training on product knowledge for the medical reps & sales reps. To the dismay of Dylan the investigation revealed some further disturbing news. The product knowledge of both the medical reps & the sales reps was not up to expectations.

Product knowledge for medical reps & sales reps are very important because they are dealing with doctors so they expect more information about the product if we can’t provide proper information it should directly affect sales of the company, this is medicine so lack of product knowledge may can be reason for loss of lives. The main objective of a training is to bridge the gap of knowledge, skills, and attitudes so if we can’t bridge the gap of product knowledge the training was failure even though it is done at minimum cost.

04. Do not evaluate the trainer

Each & every time we should evaluate the trainer is he has the corporate experience, knowledge, Skills, using course materials, & how he deliver it. Each & every time if we going to do the training programme as an organization we should think about conduct it in-house or outside and we have to decide are we using internal resources or outsource it. In this case Ravi himself handles the product training for all the medical reps & the sales reps however all other training is outsourced to various external training companies it clearly shows that they don’t evaluate & analysis it in every moment.

05. Training Need Analysis is not done

If we going to do a training first of all we should do a proper Training Need Analysis individually then only we can identify the gap in the knowledge, skills, attitudes of each & every employee then only we can design & develop the training programme productively. But...

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