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The globalization of businesses has become very common today, when compared to the past. Companies have started branching out to different countries in order to expand their business using the advanced technology - the Internet. Understanding their respective culture is very crucial to develop an establishment in any country. The working style and method varies from country to country based on their culture. There is always a scope of conflicts due to culture variations. The article “Impact of cultural intelligence level on conflict resolution ability” talks about the importance of cultural intelligence level and how this helps to resolve the conflicts. “Therefore, this model presents ...view middle of the document...

It is easy to resolve the conflict with this category of people.

Points of Agreement

“As levels of cultural intelligence are manipulated, the knowledge base to select a culturally appropriate strategy—the conflict resolution ability is increased or decreased. Therefore, cultural intelligence level serves as the independent variable on the dependent variable of conflict resolution ability” (Ramirez, 2010, p. 5). I agree with the author that cultural intelligence level as independent variable because the whole reason for a conflict is due less cultural intelligence. The conflict resolution is a dependent variable because the type of resolution strategy selection depends on the type of conflict, which is a direct result of lack of cultural intelligence.
“Confusion acceptance also serves as a mediating variable in this model” (Ramirez, 2010, p. 8). I agree with the author using this as mediating variable. Here confusion can be understood as “expecting something is going to be unusual and to prepare ahead for things that may arise. The author’s 2x2 model is interesting.

Points of Disagreement

“The groups will be representative of predominantly African American, Anglo American, Hispanic American, and Asian American Baptist congregations in the Dallas Metroplex.” (Ramirez, 2010, p. 9). Though author’s model is interesting, I do not think that selecting the members from the same country will help to understand the cultural intelligence. All the members selected are Americans though they are from different race. As these people from different races are living in America, American culture would have an effect on their culture, which in turn leads to misinterpretation of results. I would suggest the author to select a group of people from different continents.
“High levels of cultural intelligence will predict stronger conflict resolution ability.” (Ramirez, 2010, p. 9). I think cultural intelligence level also depends on the experience of a person. Author considered the cultural intelligence characteristics as mediator, which is fine, but the problem is how we define these characteristics. The other major problem with author’s model is an extraneous factor like mood of a person is not considered. For example, person might have high cultural intelligence level, but if person’s mood is in upset state, it will affect cultural intelligence level.

Application to Worldly Views

In the world of globalization, cultural conflicts are very common in between the employees. Employees should have high cultural intelligence levels to avoid disputes. Business leaders are considering the cultural intelligence level before hiring the person. For example, Americans working with Koreans are educating their employees not to get into an argument with Korean managers as Koreans believe Manager’s decision is final. Similarly, Japanese managers do not like fun or cracking jokes during meetings, which is unusual to Americans.


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