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Case: Re Engineering The Payment Process System At Rfc

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Case: Re-engineering the Payment Process System at RFC

Question 1: Draw a current process model for the payment processing system at RFC.

Question 2: What changes in business processes and information do you feel will improve the payment processing system at RFC?

Main system
I would consider to adding a central server at the headquarters of RFC. Especially since they are considering to expand in the next three years. Using a central server gives the branches the opportunity to be up-to-date in real-time. To accomplish this, all branches need an Internet connection with a VPN connection to the headquarters central server. Every branch has its own ERP branch ...view middle of the document...

In order to use an online profile they have to provide an e-mail address if, for example, they lose their password. This e-mail address will be used to remind them that a payment is still open. The reminders will be generated every night with the data from the main ERP system. The system recognizes which reminder has to be sent. More important it is a preventive reminder that will announce that a payment needs to be done before the expiration date occurs. As a consequence they will pay on time instead of waiting for the reminder that lets them know they are overdue.

Customers that want to pay at the branches have the possibility to pay with cash, cheque or money order but also with debit or credit card. The advantage to pay with a card is that the RFC bank accounts and the ERP system itself will be updated faster and it is also less time-consuming for both parties. The employee behind the desk adds a reference number attached to the payment so that the system will update it as soon as it is on the RFC bank account. The employee also updates the ERP system with the information that it has been done at a certain office by card for this ID. The traditional actions associated with a payment method will still remain in place after the ERP system has been implemented but then digital and of course the money has to be transferred to the bank . To formalize the loan, the customer will sign a form including all the payment details. This form will be kept at the branch itself only for proof. Mailing the payment will be replaced with the online application.

Additionally, early repayment will be generated automatically both the online application and at any branch. Customers can ask or fill in how much they want to pay. The ERP system will generate the fine that they have to pay with the...

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