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Promoting Small Businesses through Using Social Media

This research is an examination of how small businesses promoting their businesses through using
social media. Now a day’s people are more dependent on social networking sites. People specially the
young spent most of their times in the social media. At present the social media is not only the place
of time pass, but also the place where, care and share out life style. Small businesses generate
businesses through social networking sites where members share stories and recommend products and
services. Social media gives small businesses a platform to increase their voice and visibility among
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 Social Networking: (Facebook, Hi5, Last.FM) Interact by adding friends, commenting on
profiles, joining groups and having discussions.
 Social Photo and Video Sharing: (YouTube, Flickr) Interact by sharing photos or videos and
commenting on user submissions.
 Wikis: (Wikipedia, Wiki) Interact by adding articles and editing existing articles.
Social media has become part of our everyday life. If you're like me, you wake up in the morning, and
the first thing you do is grab your mobile to check the happenings on Face book, Twitter, and Flicker.
For small businesses, incorporating social media in their businesses strategy is a win-win. It allows
customers the chance to see products, deals and discounts while giving the businesses more visibility.
Here are the top three reasons customers give for interacting with businesses via social media:
 Get a discount.
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 Make a purchase.
 Read reviews and product rankings.
Now here are the top three reasons businesses think customers interact with them via social media:
 Learn about new products.
 General information.
 Submit opinion on products or service.
The present day behavior about social media is that massive businesses are deploying it more but
regular marketing sections and top level managements should be improved. Each and everyone
involved with little or big businesses need to comprehend as well as wake up to the significance of
social media because it is a very common economical instrument that is going to make an huge
variation in the future towards the prospects of many corporations. Maintaining a tab on the switching
situations in social media is an additional undertaking that needs to be carried out reliably and
This research is an examination of how social media have built strong communication with the future
and exiting customers. Small businesses, they maintain their social media and communication with
customers in businesses perspective. There are some success stories about generating businesses
through using social media. These success stories provide insight leanings for upcoming small
businesses and which small businesses are not using social media as promotional tools at present.
Literature Review
Very much has been said about Goals for Social Media for Businesses, How to Develop a Social
Media Strategy and a Road Map for Integration? How Does Social Media Affect Retail Businesses?
Some has been said about the techniques of social marketing and the benefits of social media
marketing especially for small businesses (MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND
TRADE,, 2011). Some researcher said only about the importance of social
media marketing in the view point of small businesses. Some authors said that social networks will
play a key role in the future of marketing, externally they can replace customer annoyance with
engagement, and internally they help to transform the traditional focus on...

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