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Case On Jet Airways Essay

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Jet airways is one of the major Indian airlines based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It was first founded on 1st April, 1992. It commenced all its operation ...view middle of the document...

e. international and domestic level. They are as follows:
1. Domestic Competitors
* Air India
* Spice Jet
* IndiGo

2. International Competitors
* Emirates
* Southwest airlines
* Air china
* British airways
* American airlines

Jet Airways was first started as an air taxi operator in the year 1st April 1992. Later, Jet airways started with the Indian commercial operations by Boring 737-300 on 5th May 1993. In January 1994, due to changes in the law it enabled Jet airways to apply for airline status. Its first international operation to Sri Lanka in the year march 2004. Jet airways is listed on the Bombay stock exchange and Naresh Goyal controls over 80% of the stock. Jet airways provided marketing as well as sales for foreign airlines in India as it was a set up for the Jet airways as a scheduled airline to compete against its very own state owned Indian Airlines. Indian airlines was one such company which had a monopoly market in the domestic market during 1953.
Jet airways announced to buy Air Sahara for USD $500 million in all cash deal in the year January 2006, making it the biggest deal in the history of Indian aviation. In June 2006, the deal fell through. Late on April 2007, Jet airways agreed to buy Air Sahara for Rupees 14.5 billion (USD $340 million). Soon after, Air Sahara was renamed as Jet Lite. Jet Lite was marketed as an airline which provided good quality service at low cost. Jet airways later integrated Jet Lite in august 2008. Jet Airways laid off 1900 employees in October 2008 resulting in the largest lay-off history in Indian aviation. The employees were later asked to return to work. Praful Patel, Civil Aviation Minister analyzed the decision with Jet Airways. In October 2008, Jet Airways and rival airlines Kingfisher announced an alliance that is an agreement on code-sharing on both international as well as domestic flights to reduce expenses, joint utilization as well as a common sharing frequent flier programs and ground handling. On 8th May 2009, Jet airways introduced Jet Konnect which was its low cost brand.

In May 2005, Jet Airways entered the EU with its maiden flight to London. In the quarter ending, Jet Airways generated around two-thirds of its international revenues from London operations. Jet airways has its own airline reservation and ticketing offices at London in the UK and Brussels in Belgium. Jet airways entered as a Frequent Flier Partnership Program with Lufthansa Airlines, SWISS and Austrian Airlines. Jet Airways has its ticketing offices in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and the Netherlands,

“Jet Airways will be the most preferred domestic airline in India. It will be the automatic first choice carrier for the travelling public and set standards, which other competing airlines will seek...

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