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Case Of The Man Essay

2588 words - 11 pages

Structuur van uw verslag:
         Titelblad volgens PTC standaarden
         Voorwoord
         Inleiding
         Analyse van de Personages (Managers, Supervisors, Surveyor)
         Vraag en antwoord ten aanzien van de case
         Eind analyse gedrag van Howard volgens de verschillende theorieën en modellen (deming circle, motivatie)  en/of verschillende management of leiderschaps stijlen (bijvoorbeeld Quin)
         Conclusies
         Aanbevelingen (oplossings modellen)

* Eigen mening, Persoonlijk ervaringen

What to Do About Howard
Donna Tuman
Organizational Behavior
Week # 7, Case Study 3
“What do we do with Howard”
This case is ...view middle of the document...

By this point though, a new manager Lee Miller is put in charge.
Howard and Mel move to another office and are then told to report to Frank Silverton. After a few years, Mel is placed on a project and Howard doesn’t take it well because he feels he has more experience than Mel. When Lee Miller steps down Burt Jacobs, is then put in charge. Mel feels moving to the other office was bad because by this time, Howard does his own thing. Howard comes in late, leaves early, took frequent snack breaks, even taking naps. Eventually Tad Pierson becomes supervisor of the surveyors, this is when Mel approaches him Tad about Lineberry and he is now faced with what to
Donna Tuman
Organizational Behavior
Week # 7, Case Study 3
do about the situation. Howard is spotted by Tad sleeping on the drafting table and his helper Vince isn’t any better. Tad has his work cut out for him, and does not know what to do. He hears from everyone else, that no one trusts Howard and they feel safer doing the projects themselves. I would hate to be Tad Pierson.
Findings of Fact 1
One of the key issues I noticed is organizational resistance, “to a certain extent, this is the nature of the Organization to resist change”, (Hellreigel). In the 18 years that Howard had been there, he had to report to at least 5 different supervisors. With each change of manager or supervisor would come their own personality, and attitude. This could be more of a hindrance for anyone who continues to work in the same department and doesn’t like change. It poses a problem for that type of individual, because while they decide to remain in the same department, doesn’t mean the manager has to. Change of managers could also mean a change in the way things are done.
Recommendation # 1
“Many managers believe that organizations need stability and continuity in order to function effectively”, (Hellreigel). For an organization to effectively run you need to be able to adapt to change. Communication is the key and a very powerful tool, it should help to reduce confusion and streamline all processes. When decisions are made it needs to be communicated to the whole group, whether it is to be done in a training session, or a mandatory meeting.
I recommend that the executives of the company that make the decision or rules, need to get with a member of the Human Resource Department and put it together in an official memo, or have it
Donna Tuman
Organizational Behavior
Week # 7, Case Study 3
incorporated into the SOP’s for the company. This was done in my company by the HR manager going around to each and every employee and asked them to describe their job and what it entitled. A diary of all this was put together, and it became part of the SOP’s of the department, each department had their own set. This comes in handy, especially when someone is out, due to sickness or disability. If there were changes, the job analysis had to be updated as well.
The best way to make sure everyone in the...

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