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Case “Gen Y In The Workforce”

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How can Sarah and Josh work together more effectively?
Sarah Bennett, the marketing chief of the movie division of Rising Entertainment, will give a presentation to the company’s CEO this Friday to report the promotions, advertising, and branding plan of the upcoming new film "Fire Force Five". Josh Lewis, the 23-year-old marketing associate had ever talked to Sarah and raised some new and modern ideas, but didn’t draw her attention. So he came to CEO Sam directly and showed his ideas. Sam felt quite good and asked him to offer a full report at the meeting. Sarah was amazed to hear about this message from Sam and immediately asked Josh to her office. Then how can Sarah and Josh work ...view middle of the document...

She didn’t understand what Josh really want and give the constructive feedback as he expected during their communication.
2. She should do some training and explain the requirement when assign a task to young people.
3. She didn’t listen closely to Josh’s suggestion to get the valuable point in it. She only dismissed his ideas as impractical.
4. She should make use of the advantage of Josh such as his knowledge about new media and social networking and his creativity in marketing rather than only rely on her old experience.
Cause Analysis: Communication Issues
First of all, let’s take a little example to check why Josh will report to CEO directly bypassing Sarah? In my opinion, there are three causes: 1, His boss Sarah didn’t actively listen to his suggestion; 2, He needs to be recognized and praised to realize himself. 3, His friends and colleagues encourage him to do it. The first and second points are related to communication.
Actually, both Josh and Sarah faced communication problems during this affair. Insufficient or unsuccessful communication is the root cause to make them work inefficiently.
Below are the analyses I summarized based on above examples and problems:
1. Josh didn’t choose the right communication strategy considering the purpose, audience, credibility and context. Since the audience is his boss, purpose is to give some suggestion, the...

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