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Case File 1 Essay

1002 words - 5 pages

Case Study Analysis Paper 1: A Tale of Two Coaches

Clive S. Choat

Ken Blanchard College of Business, MGT-600

10 December 2013

Case Study Analysis Paper 1: A Tale of Two Coaches

Based on our learning from week one of our class, the purpose of this paper is to discuss the leadership perspectives manifested in both Bobby Knight and Mike Krzyzewski, coaches who have made significant marks in their field in college basketball. I hope to be able to identify the power bases both coaches rely upon, as well as whether their actions are more aligned with either a managerial role or leadership role. In addition, I hope to identify how significant the leadership traits have ...view middle of the document...

Taking a closer look at these two individuals, do they display the traits of a manager, or of a leader? We can say that Coach Knight’s style of leadership is geared toward the managerial role, since he is known for establishing exacting rules and strictly enforcing them. He is a harsh disciplinarian and constantly used both fear and intimidation in order to pressure his players to perform. This makes him an authority figure, as he always required his players to perform their assigned tasks correctly and efficiently every time or else they would suffer severe penalties. In addition, I also feel after reading the assigned article "Coach Knight: A Will to Win"(2005), that although he must have cared for his players he did not let these emotions influence his decision making as Coach Knight seemed to have had very little emotional involvement with his players. In an almost exact opposite, from the article “Coach K: A Matter of the Heart.” (2005) we clearly see that Coach Krzyzewski is a leader, displayed through his use of positive influences and goal attainment techniques to motivate his players. Coach K is more expressively involved with his players and encourages a sense of team unity, and family among the players. He believed that there is good in every one and that positive support was crucial to effective leadership. His ability to create excitement and shows that Coach K demonstrates a charismatic leadership style, inspiring enthusiasm in his team and energetically motivating his players to success.
When I try to match these two different coaches up with the five-factor personality model: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, and Agreeableness, we can see both similarities and differences between the two coaches. Extraversion is the level at which a person is enthusiastic, assertive, active, outgoing, energetic, and talkative. Both coaches display this even though they may take different approaches, Coach Knight through verbal abuse and physicality is actively involved, thus displaying assertiveness, while Coach K...

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