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Chusheva Anna, 1307
Case about David Beckham
1) What were the reasons for his success as an endorser? What values did he
signify as a brand and what were the advantages that the companies who used him obtained?
Main reason for success as an endorser is that David Beckham was a great football player with a lot of trophies; he is famous because of his perfect skills and special style of playing. He played for Manchester United which is one of the most famous team all around the world, which is also important.
Moreover, David Beckham had good looks, charisma and social lifestyle, so-called paparazzi lover. Media showed him as the icon of youth and always reported ...view middle of the document...

Speaking not about football, but concerning personal endorsements Beckham shifted to Real Madrid really well. Moreover, his popularity in Asia increased awareness and support of Real Madrid, as about 5 millions of Asian people shifted loyalties from MU to Real. His charisma and popularity let Real Madrid to attract people that were not interested in football. That extended the market for the club’s merchandise. At last, Beckham generated between 6 and 10 millions of pounds per year for the club.
However, it created a lot of criticism for paying such a price for one player. Demand for soccer and soccer stars decreased in Britain after negotiation with Real Madrid. The viewing figures plummeted; clubs laid off number of players so Manchester United lost more money (and fans) than they received. It could be stated that price that was paid for Beckham was unjustified.
3) What are the implications of using people as brands? What are the advantages and disadvantages experienced by the company as well as the celebrity?

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