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Case At Hp Essay

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Client: Hewlett Packard
Summary: HP utilizes SAP CRM to combine previously separate customer service
Case Study:
Based in Palo Alto, CA, Hewlett Packard (HP) is the world’s largest IT company with
revenue of over $114 billion in 2009.
HP’s Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) is primarily responsible for the company’s
printing and scanning hardware and supplies. With customers throughout the globe, HP
utilizes multiple channels to provide customer support – phone, email, and online chat.
Before their SAP CRM implementation, IPG utilized three completely separate systems
to provide customer support. There was one system for email support, another for phone
support and a third for online chat support. Since these systems were from three separate
vendors, the communication and syncing capabilities were limited. For example, ...view middle of the document...

IPG chose SAP CRM and iServiceGlobe as a vendor to assist the HP business team in the
implementation. Though HP internally managed the SAP CRM implementation, they
engaged iServiceGlobe to assist with the project because of the company’s subject matter
As a result of HP’s global presence and specific needs, a high level of customization was
needed for their implementation. HP chose to implement SAP CRM on a single global
instance. Rather than having a separate CRM system based on region, we set up a
singular system that all HP users across the globe could access. We customized the
system based upon the HP representative’s location, enabling the application to meet the
social, legal and cultural needs of that region. For example, in Hong Kong, each time a
service ticket is created, privacy options have to be provided to the customer. In Japan,
however, privacy options only have to be given to the customer one time. Since
customer interactions from Hong Kong and Japan were both housed in one central CRM
system, we had to customize the application so that representatives servicing Hong Kong
would know to provide customers’ privacy options each time a service ticket was created.
Other customization provided in the implementation process included the creation of
specific privacy options that were not initially included in SAP CRM 4.0 (Note: these
privacy options were included in the SAP CRM 6.0 release).

Since going live, the SAP CRM implementation with HP has been a success. Now, when
any customer contacts IPG via phone, email or chat, the customer service rep knows the
complete interaction history of that particular customer. Customer service and call center
managers are able to better prioritize customer needs and have a more detailed view
about each and every customer. Though it can be attributed to multiple factors, since the
implementation of SAP CRM, HP’s market share has increased.

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