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Case Assignment 1

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Case Assignment Analysis Week 1
MRKT 5000

Consumers Take a Shine to Apple Inc.

Case Summary:

Apple is one of the leading and profitable technology companies in the world. Their products are sold and consumed in over five continents across the globe. Beginning as a computer company in 1976, Apple has transcended into a technology company with a product mix that is dominating many electronic spectrums. Apple has revolutionized the way tech companies market to their consumers. This case study shows how Apple uses advanced innovations that make everyday life simpler for their users. They use price, promotion, and distribution strategies that set a sense of prestige for their products ...view middle of the document...

It is their user-friendly operating system that is the same across all products, so if you can use an iPhone, you can use an iPad and Apple TV. Their marketing strategies help people look past that price point and look at the innovation and quality of the product. It has taken them years to create a sense of prestige that people are willing to buy into no matter the cost.

1. How has Apple implemented the marketing concept?

Apple has done a great job of strategically pricing, promoting, and distributing their products in a certain way. While the price point may be higher than competitors, they make up for it with innovation, product quality and simplicity. Consumers are 86% more likely to consumer a product if the decision-making process is simplified. Not only do they implement the concept of simplicity in their product, they do it in their promotion and distribution. They will only give the customers two options of the product and only main difference of the price levels is the amount of memory space. Their pricing also allows them to maximize their profitably. While products takeover market share in many different product spectrums, and their prices being traditionally higher than competitors they dominate the market.

2. Describe the role of Apple stores as an important part of it’s marketing strategy

The apple store is the physical consumer gateway to the product. Although many sales come from online purchases, the Apple store allows the consumer to test and ask real-time questions for certain issues or concerns. Their concepts and design architecture has been emulated by competing companies like Microsoft and Best Buy, but they have been less successful. Apple’s idea of making their stores somewhere where you can buy and play, but there is no pressure to buy. By working so hard in other marketing aspects, it makes their approach in retail stores much smoother. They are very customer oriented and are big on promoting a...

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