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Case Analysis Outline

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Case Analysis Outline

Any person who is a decision maker or who is cap[able of recommending a solution as mentioned in the case or any consultant hired to recommend a solution.

Time Context
Generally, it delineates the take-off point of the analysis.

I. Problem Statement
This defines the perceived problem presented in the case and which is the object of the analysis. It may be presented in a declarative form or in the form of a question.

II. Statement of the Objective
These are the goals which the case analysis hopes to achieve.
They basically satisfy the test of SMART (Specific, ...view middle of the document...

VIII. Plan of Action
This plan delineates the series of actions to be undertaken to operationalize the adopted ACA. The plan implements the ACA. It would be best to program the plan according to the basic functional areas.


You are seated in 2B Business Class Emirates Airlines bound for the Philippines, coming from Dubai, where you have been based for the past two years running a media facility, which includes print, TV, and radio partly servicing that foreign government. Being a media management expert and having worked with the private sector, and then the Philippine government in various capacities for the past 15 years, your on-going stint in Dubai came as a result of your sterling record in calling the shot in your previous employers/companies. With the Philippine Bureaucracy, you have had the experience of being the hot shot in three agencies of the executive branch, the last two with information dissemination as your main objective.

You know the extent of how graft and corruption have practically slowed down the delivery of services to the public, much more with the incompetence of political protégées and political dynasties, which are in the Philippine political landscape for the past thirty (30) years or so. Compounding the situation is the political instability in the...

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