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Case Analysis Assignment Qbc And Hydraulic Fracturing

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US economy affects world economy. The predicted recession may result in crashing stock markets, bankrupt businesses, and increased unemployment, poverty and mortality rates worldwide, due to hunger, depression, suicide and lack of resources. My choice would be the “fracking” proposal which can avert the recession & boost the economy. “Green Wind Turbine” would be unsuccessful during recession, since its expense is more than its revenue. And, without economic viability all other stakeholders’ interests are lost.

Utilitarianism supports “fracking” as it produces “greatest good for the greatest number”. In the end it will create millions of jobs, help boost economy, meet Canadian and US ...view middle of the document...

By ignoring one stakeholder group and giving more importance to others the industry is not adhering to their moral rights.
Principle of Justice supports the “fracking” industry because every industry has a margin of error and according to the reports of “mishaps” the industry is well within the industry established margin of error and should have equal rights as do the other industries. It will not be fair in saying that the “fracking” industry causes the most damage to people, communities and the environment.
On the other hand according to the Principle of Justice the “fracking” industry should share distributive justice of benefits they earn and burdens they cause to the communities. By compensatory justice they should compensate for the injustice faced by people whose water supply was contaminated and for all the clean up required of the environment after the “fracking” process is over.
The “fracking” industry applies the Principle of Caring by not only creating jobs at the brink of a recession giving people a lot of hope, as they have a means of earning income to feed their families. The industry generally has the most well-compensated employees in the energy sector and the employees have a share in the stocks of the company as well.
“Fracking” in many instances does not adhere to the Principle of Caring by causing reasonable intrusions to the health and does not have appropriate processes that must be put in place to secure the health of employees, and the safety checks and balances that acknowledge and respect worker’s rights to health and safety and violence in the workplace. Workers are exposed to chemicals causing neurological problems, birth defects, impact lung functioning and cancer. The industry has also overlooked the health and safety of the people residing in the communities where they build the wells. Records have shown tap water lighting up, chemical burns while showering, threat of clean drinking water and reduction in the wildlife survival around the area.

The Golden Rule says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The Golden Rule supports the “fracking” industry. The “fracking” industry is compensating their employees well and all the employees have stock in the company and thus they have vested interest in always promoting their companies best interest. They employ investigative journalist to actively pursue leads on any social, environmental and economic malfeasance but their loyalties lie towards the company. They are also funding the North American “fracking” responsibility committee with the same motto of the golden rule that if they help the committee in turn the committee will help them.
The Golden Rule suggests that the “fracking” industry carries huge environmental risks and is a heavy polluter. If today the industry is causing harm to the environment by emitting ozone, and is a significant source of greenhouse gases, then the environment will also give back a similar amount of damage by...

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