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Case Analysis 2 Research In Motion

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Case Analysis #2
Research in Motion
Martin D. Francis
March 20, 2015

Research In Motion (RIM) began in 1984 with two School of Engineering students from Canada, Mike Lazaridis President and Co-CEO (University of Waterloo) and Douglas Fregin Vice President of Operations (University of Windsor). These two young men had ambition and vision that translated into success. RIM became the first to market in the wireless data technology industry. From 1988 through 2006 they produced a number of Award winning products in the Wireless Data Communication Technology Industry that kept them on the cutting edge of Information Technology and Innovation.
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Factors of Influences
Some of the factors that influenced RIM are its competition, market growth potential, economies of scale and wireless carries implementations of more innovations upon their networks to increase subscriber base.
There are now more intergraded services being offered by wireless communication providers, than ever before, the competition has produced innovations such as the iPhone and Android which has reduced their market share.
Because RIM truly out classed many of its competitor’s they have become the target of patent lawsuits relative to the collaborative efforts that they have engaged in over the years. They have partnered with almost everybody in the industry and now face patentable issues relative to the competition. So, they have had to find ways to mitigate the claims that their trade secrets are too much like their competitor’s patents.
RIM has employed a strategy of partnerships and alliances that made them a market leader and first to market with their products as far as the Black Berry is concerned. However, it has now been proven that once you get the lead that it is hard to maintain the lead without continued new creations and...

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