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Case Analisis Of Ease Trap Essay

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Case Analysis of Trap-Ease America
A group of investors had formed Trap-Ease America after obtaining the worldwide rights to sell a patented and innovative mousetrap from an inventor. The group hired Martha as president to develop and manage the company. Trap-Ease America regarded housewives as the best target market. Because the company believed that women will be attracted to the safety and cleanliness that the traps offer. Unlike traditional spring-loaded traps or poisons, the tarp lures the mouse into a square tube in which it will be trapped alive. There is no danger in baiting and setting trap. It can also avoid the “mess” resulted by the traditional trap’s operation. Martha sold the ...view middle of the document...

The Trap-Ease America should have had analyzed the market for mouse traps, its trends and perspectives; direct competitors, their products and prices; whether there are any other innovative products or more efficient technologies in fighting against mouse. It will be helpful to launch a market testing campaign in order to find out consumers’ preferences, perceptions and attitudes towards Trap-Ease. Considering the company is more product-oriented, when they make mission statement, they would tend to write it as “our mousetraps are more convenient”. But mission statement should be market-oriented. It will be wiser to emphasize customers’ feeling of using. “Providing a mouse-free environment in a safer and cleaner way” will be better.
And in terms of segmentation and targeting, we hold the opinion that Martha hasn’t identified the best target market. Martha’s early research suggested that women were the best target market for the Trap-Ease. They don’t like the mess or risks created by traditional trap. This is a good marketing segment to start off with but in a limited way, Martha has not identified the best target for Trap-Ease. She just defined these women who often stayed at home and took care of their children as the targeted women. Currently, women don’t just stay at home and take care of kids increasingly. In fact, more and more women prefer to independent professionals. So Martha is targeting a shrinking market. In addition, there are some other market segments that hold large potential for the Trap-Ease. In view of the characteristics of this mousetrap, restaurants, food factories, environmentalists and animal lovers, the family with kids or pets are all profitable segments. Expanding the target market is a key point for Trap-Ease America to make breakthrough. The patent couldn’t protect the Trap-Ease from competition. They face a market in which large volume of low quality and low cost traditional mousetraps are sold. For the low-income consumers who face more mice problems, the price of Trap-Ease is too expensive. Its competition is any company creates mouse traps. So its competition is any company producing traditional, spring-loaded traps.
After a company has decided which market segments to enter, it must figure out what position it wants to occupy. As suggested in the case, the company has positioned the Trap-Ease as safe and user-friendly. The Trap-Ease mousetrap has taken the first place in the National Hardware Show this year, and it is also thought high of in the magazines, talk shows and some press reports. There is no doubt that this product is characterized by great innovation and high value. It can definitely be called excellent one but just in the friendly design and practical uses. Nowadays if a company merely concentrates on products and pays little attention to the services, marking and promotion, it will fall sooner or later. So Trap-Ease America can also position the products as environmental and economic which is...

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