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Case A New Front In The Battle Of Ideas

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Case 2-1
A new front in the battle of ideas

1. Does the global economic crisis signal that the American model of free market capitalism is fundamentally flawed?
No, the global economic crisis does not signal that the American model of free market capitalism is fundamentally flawed because America government should definitely provide a support role for the corrective measures to protect its own economy, for example use of various fiscal policy for the economic stimulus, when the various decisions in the private sector of their country are believed to lead to negative economic outcomes, such as depression or recession, which leads to the wide hardship for America.

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3. Policymakers in Japan, the world third largest economy, must transition their nation away from a manufacturing-dependent model for growth. What industry sectors might emerge as the new drivers of economic growth?
Japan has been global leaders in manufacturing, the policymakers in Japan, the world third largest economy, must transition their nation away from a manufacturing-dependent model for growth, they surely need to actively diversify their operations, especially into service sector.
* Service sector might emerge as the new drivers of the economic growth of Japan.
* Japan should continue to focus on exports as it has always been one of the critical drivers of the Japanese economy.
* Japan should also focus as a global financial center, as the Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the most important stock exchanges in the world.
* Japan should also outsource certain business operations to retain cost competitiveness in the world markets.

4. Do youthink that the economic stimulus programs in United states, Asia, and elsewhere are the right approach to...

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