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Case 3 Question Essay

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1. There is a gymnasium and exercise facility provided free to employees and their families, and this includes services such as providing towels and laundering workout clothes, also a free service. The firm’s eating cafes serve excellent food at subsidized prices, with live piano music in the background. Again, families are encouraged to come and use this facility. I would value the Montessori school for the staff kinds. Employees’ profit sharing retirement plans. There is a bonus based in ...view middle of the document...

2. The self-determination theory to SAS Institute are that the organization sets the goals for his employees and wait for see if they meet them rather than close supervision.
3. 3. It is not the strong financial performance the reason the company offers what it does to employees but it recruits the good working environment and the management style which contribute to the dedication of his employees, it recruits most of his employees from north as few people would prefer to stay there.
4. SAS Institute could improve with regard to motivating its employees is offering transport facilities to them, housing them with subsidized rents and paying fees for the outside employee training.

5. It was picked from the ashes by the two graduates and tremendously improved its growth through learning how to motivate employee who give back the growth of the company a good lesson to other companies. “Many observers of SAS Institute claim that it’s difficult to replicate SAS’s work success, given that the company is privately held, is led by a man with values that seem quite different from those of most other CEOs, and has very high margins that make the environment affordable. But there may be common-sense decisions that the company has made that transcend these conditions and thus make the SAS Institute example more widely applicable.”

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