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Case 2 Answers Essay

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1. If students sit in the same classroom, read the same assignments, and hear the same lectures, are they all receiving the same education? Might these students interpret the same lesson differently because of the social worlds in which they live? Page 163
The students might not all receiving the same education even they sit in the same classroom, read the same assignments, and hear the same lectures. First, because each student has different ability to gain the new knowledge, so some of them may learn better than others. Second, based on the kinesics, different people might have different understanding to people’s body language. Body language throughout the world is culturally specific. If a gesture or other body language from the professor is culturally specific, it may ...view middle of the document...

One doctor laments, “people put us on a pedestal. They see us as angels, and this makes communication difficult. They don’t ask questions or express their concerns. But we make mistakes like anyone else.” In communicating with their patients what is one specific thing doctors might do to level the playing field and promote more open, honest communication? Page 168
Doctors should have effective communication with their patients. They should always ask questions to the patients that how they feeling to get a better understanding of where the patient might be or is heading. They should let the patents express their concerns to give better help to the patients. So I think effective communication is one specific thing doctors might do to level the playing field and promote more open, honest communication

3. What letter grade would you give yourself for the ability to communicate in a multicultural setting? Why? Page 168
I honestly would give myself a B+ for a letter grade for the ability to communicate in a multicultural setting. The reason is that when I am in a multicultural setting, I try to relate myself to the other people and try to make them feel more comfortable. I try my best to understand others opinions. But the problem is since English is not my first language. Sometime people can not get exactly what I mean based on my speaking. Also, since people’s culture are different, some body language I am using to express myself could be a different meaning to others those not from the same culture with me.

4. What are your personal hot buttons? How do you feel when someone triggers one of your hot buttons? Why? Do your encounters with hot buttons make it difficult for you to communicate effectively? Page 176
Hot buttons refer to language that triggers native reactions from people who view it as insulting and derogatory.

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