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Graeme Sneddon
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Tutor: Rebecca Muller

Case Study 1 Screed – Stopping Smoking

Now make yourself comfortable take a nice deep breath, close your eyes and begin to relax………..
Let’s start by concentrating on your breathing……think of each breath as it goes in and think of each breath as it goes out slowly……….think about relaxing every muscle in your body… just let go and relax……inhale and exhale…..notice your breathing…notice the rhythm.
Feel the breath going through your body…….be aware of normal sounds going on around you…………..these every day noises start to become irrelevant helping you to relax more deeply than ...view middle of the document...

as you exhale relax all the muscles in your tummy, .let them go… feel the muscles in your legs relax, so completely relaxed to the top of your toes……………..feel the muscles in your knees and calves just unwind…….you feel more deeply relaxed than ever before…enjoy this feeling………your body is so relaxed you can now let your mind relax in the same way….
Your mind and body feel as one….notice how very comfortable your body feels and let it drift and float, deeper…deeper…relaxed….as you experience this beautiful feeling of peace and tranquillity I want you to imagine a beautiful place….let your mind drift….relax and drift..
You will reach this beautiful place by imagining a beautiful staircase with ten steps and theses ten steps will lead you down slowly to this special tranquil and beautiful place you have created in your mind. let your subconscious mind take you to this special relaxing place…..your own special place…..i can only wonder what it might be like…it may be a place you know well……………..a place of nature….
by a river maybe…or a meadow or a beach perhaps……..just let your mind go wherever it wants to go..
In a moment you can begin to imagine taking safe and gentle and easy steps down on the staircase leading you to this beautiful peaceful and very special place just for you…. feel the fresh clean air…..breathe it in slowly………
I’m now going to count backwards from ten to one………and you can imagine taking the ten steps down and as you take each step you will feel more relaxed….more and more…….feel your body just drift down…. down each step……………and relax even deeper…………ten……..relax even deeper…..nine…….eight………….seven …drifting deeper……..six…….five ….letting go completely……………..four …..three….two……… deeper………relaxed
You can imagine this special place and perhaps you can even feel it… are peaceful alone and no one can disturb you…….this is the most peaceful place in the world for you…imagine yourself there and feel that sense of peace flow through your body and mind…….feel the sense of well-being and enjoy these positive feelings and keep them with you…you are totally relaxed….totally safe…..
You can visit this special place any time you wish…you will see it…feel it….enjoy the atmosphere…..smell it….enjoy this special relaxed safe place any time you like……….
I will now leave you in this special place so you can enjoy it for a while….enjoy your special place….you will not hear my voice for a little while as you feel relaxed completely…………..

Wait a few minutes………………..(STOPPING SMOKING SCREED begins now)

I can now see you are deeply relaxed…….and as your body relaxes so does your mind…and because of this you are more receptive to my voice and what I say ….you are prepared for the journey that you are going on….
I am going to take you to your special house and you will enter the lounge and sit in your favourite comfortable chair where you feel totally relaxed…
You are enjoying this calm and relaxed state and feeling so...

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