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Casablanca Essay

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In life you learn the difference between right and wrong, all humans know this difference but sometimes choose to do wrong. “Human beings have desires and appetites. They are also rational, capable of knowing what is right, and capable of willing to do it” (Sommers & Sommers 2013 p. 242). I do believe that individuals choose their right and wrong mostly based on their desires. Casablanca is a love war movie released in 1942 set in Africa. One of the main characters Rick Blaine is the owner of a nightclub where everyone hangs out and everything happens. In the movie he states he is the type of guy who sticks his head out for nobody, he seemed like a very serious, no game playing ...view middle of the document...

In addition, throughout the movie you learn the reason why Rick’s personality was so serious, he was heart broken by his past lover Ilsa, who left him at the train station in Paris after she had promised him she would leave with him. Ilsa shows up at his nightclub and eventually admits to him that she is married and was married when they were lovers in Paris. Ilsa went to Rick’s nightclub with her husband to purchase the letters needed that will allow them on the plane to go to America since her husband Lazlo escaped a Nazi concentration camp. At first Rick did not want to give Lazlo any papers to go to America with his wife because she was his past love, but he ends up deciding that it is best for Lazlo and Ilsa to be together so he lies to Ilsa stating that they will leave together to America in order for his plan to work for her to leave with Lazlo. Kant had arguments about lying, “he said that lying under any circumstances is “the obliteration of one’s dignity as a human being” (Rachels & Rachels 2012 p. 130). Although Kant argued that it is against the law to lie, Rick needed to lie to Ilsa so his plan would work. Throughout the movie Rick tried to display a tough guy attitude acted like he doesn’t help anyone but sometimes he showed that he truly didn’t think of only himself. One scene in the Casablanca movie a young couple needed financial help and Rick set the odds in their favor at the craps table that the young husband was gambling on. Miller describes utilitarianism as “holds that actions are right in proportions as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness” (Sommers & Sommers, 2013).
Furthermore, the categorical imperative that Kant discusses, states that people should never treat others as a means to an end, but only as an end themselves. He also states that morality is based on a duty to one’s self as well as to others. With this said Lazlo was...

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