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Carrefour Stores Essay

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* The Carrefour supermarket company is set up by the Fournier, Badin and Defforey families who run a discount supermarket in Annecy.
* Hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, cash & carry e-commerce.

* Carrefour has all the resources to cater to the different needs of its customers – whether they live in an urban or rural environment, whether they be private or professional clients, in France or abroad.
* In every store format, with different banners, the Group develops attractive, modern and inviting stores. Carrefour teams join forces to increase the competitive advantage of its multiformat approach. During 2015, this investment, carefully ...view middle of the document...

* In particular, it must prohibit all business activity, behaviour, agreement or partnership that could directly or indirectly lead Carrefour or one of its employees into an illegal practice, and harm the image of Carrefour.
* Carrefour expects its suppliers to take all measures necessary to guarantee a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, while adhering to local and international regulations and through the implementation of best professional practices.
* In addition, each supplier undertakes to comply with all national laws and international treaties in force in relation to intellectual property, both in the case of trademarks and patents, and particularly undertakes to refrain from any act of counterfeiting.
* Competition law guarantees healthy and fair competition between companies, which is an important factor in growth and innovation.
* All suppliers are prohibited from participating in price-fixing agreements, production or sale quota agreements, and more generally any unfair practice hindering the free exercise of competition, particularly those intending to push a competitor out of the market or restrict access to the market for new competitors by illegal means.
* All suppliers must also ensure that they do not allow themselves to become excessively dependent on Carrefour.
* A conflict of interests is a business situation in which the ability of a Carrefour employee to make independent or honest decisions or assessments may be influenced or altered by personal considerations.
* Any familiarity or personal link between the supplier and the individuals involved in the purchasing process or likely to influence the sale of products or services to Carrefour or one of its subsidiaries must therefore be avoided.
* If a supplier is faced with a risk of a potential or clear conflict of interests, it must inform its contact at Carrefour
* Any direct or indirect reward for Carrefour employees involved in the purchasing relationship on any level (e.g. Consultant, Buyer, User, etc.) or having the power to influence the purchasing decision is strictly prohibited regardless of the purpose and form.
* All suppliers are prohibited from making offers or accepting requests from any Carrefour employee concerning financial benefits or provisions in the form of discounts, gifts, trips, invitations, loans, bonuses, or any other benefit as part of the sale of products and services to Carrefour or its subsidiaries.
* Invitations to Carrefour employees for research trips or seminars organised by the supplier may only be envisaged if these events are of a strictly professional nature and are directly related to the functions of the person concern.
* Any information disclosed by Carrefour must be deemed as confidential in relation to other current or...

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