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Carrefour China And The Olympic Torch Relay: Managing Corporate Crisis Amid Evolving Expectations Of Multinational Firms

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Self –Evaluation:Characteristics of Effective Leadership
The questions below relate to characteristics of effective leaders. Use the questions to evaluate whether you possess these characteristics . Use the results to see where you might focus to strengthen your leadership skills.
|Characteristics of Effective Leaders |Yes |No |
|Caring | | |
|1 Do you empathize with other people’s needs , concerns , and goals? |√ | |
|2 Would staff members ...view middle of the document...

|√ | |
|If you answered “no” to some or many of these questions , you may want to consider how you can further | | |
|develop these effective leadership characteristics. | | |

Source: HMM Leading and Motivating.

Managing Stress Levels
What bothers the individuals on your team the most about the current changes in your workplace? What are the sources of the stress?

How can you minimize the excess stress?
____ Give advance warning , minimize surprises?
__√__ Encourage the sharing of information
__√__ Foster a sense of humor in the workplace
__√__ Reassess / reassign work tasks to balance workloads
__√__ Recognize feelings and encourage members to express them

What sources of support (including peer or supervisory support) can you enlist to help manage stress levels?

List each member of your team. What are each member’s prevailing emotions right now? Identify ways in which you can respond to each team member.
|Team Member |Status / Symptoms |Ways to Respond |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |

Focus and Synergy
|Obstacle to Team’s Progress |Options for Overcoming the |Rank the Options |Allies , Resources , |
| |Obstacle |(1 most promising , 5 least |Special Training ...

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