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Carnival Cruise Line Essay

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A cruise line should be more than just a means of traveling across the sea on a ship full of music and fine dining; passengers should have a fun, exciting, and unforgettable excursion. Carnival Cruise Lines strives to deliver such an experience to each and every passenger that boards their ship. With a wide variety of activities that range from night time parties and gambling for adults, viewing areas to observe fine art, romantic settings, and plenty of exciting activities for children, Carnival’s market segmentation aims to accommodate families, groups, and couples that would like to have an amazing time on their trip across the seas. Unlike other cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and ...view middle of the document...

Carnival will not only aim its advertising through commercials and mailing campaigns, we will also promote our family vacations by advertising on websites used for social networking such as Facebook and MySpace to appeal to the younger members of the family. Carnival will also lower its prices on specific dates to make vacations even more affordable for families. In addition to lower prices, we will also alter our current rewards program so that it becomes more beneficial for family travel.
Assuming our marketing initiatives are successful, our strategies would need to change in the long term. Although Carnival would gain more clients, there would be a need to explore new growth opportunities such as product development. As more passengers chose our cruise line for their family vacation needs, we will need to expand our product line by adding more activities and upgrades to meet our consumers’ wants as time progresses. Carnival expects to receive more name recognition and positive feedback from pleased customers as a result of our initial marketing strategy, which would also lead to more product offerings as we would begin to target different groups. Unfortunately for customers, the “rock bottom” prices would not last forever, as the company needs to be profitable.
Carnival will continue to strengthen our relationship with customers to retain and earn new business. To have strong customer relationship management, we will need to obtain personal information from customers to better serve them. In doing so, we must obtain and utilize the information in an ethical manner. All information should be used solely for the purpose of assisting the client and improving the services offered to them. However, we do not live in a perfect world where individuals play by the rules. Employees might come across personal information and use it in unethical ways such as personal gains, fraud, gossip, etc. Fortunately, Carnival Cruise Lines has a strong ethics policy which each employee must abide by or face serious consequence.

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