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Carly Fiorina

Great leaders aren't born they are made, and they are made just like anything else, through hard work and that's the price they have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal. I would be lying if I told you that Carly Fiorina is a perfect person however I do believe that Carly Fiorina is a very unique individual with variety of skills that she can easily implement to politics, in doing so will bring substantial improvement to the current political system and the corporate world. There have been many occasions in Carly’s previous career at HP that she has brought great enhancement and innovations to the company. When I began to analyze her managerial qualities I found six key ...view middle of the document...

Swimming in new waters, she was thrown into situations she had never been in before she adapted to technical changes, merged divisions, and championed buyout of Compaq. Because she had no previous experience in these matters, Carly was on the constant flow of actions and decisions.

She was in regular contact with various people and was a very visible CEO, establishing political, business and even entertainment connections around the world through her business travels. Continuing to feel the importance to connect and respect her subordinates, she became accessible to every employee through global telecast to HP employees around the world. Recognizing the importance of communication, she kept herself, all employees and Board of Directors fully informed, as well as the ability to inform and to communicate with the rest of the company, by implementing an HP website. She practiced a management style in accordance to Mintzberg theory, because she connected, communicated and made decisions.

Throughout her career, she stuck to her values and made ethical judgments, such as refusing to take part in the bribe in Brazil while at AT&T and having the MD fired, because “not all means are justified” (3). Her professional judgment, the most important of the managerial qualities, was continually tested. She met with her management team and the Board of Directors for major decision however, if a unanimous decision could not be reached, she made the final decisions, since as CEO she was accountable for all ramifications of those decisions. According to Carly, she made countless sound decision while at HP, such as the vertical integration and implementing the leadership framework. Purposeful managers set their agendas regardless of the influence of others and the company's constraints. This trait subtly distinguishes a purposeful manager from the other types of mangers. While at HP, Carly made numerous decisions despite the Board's advice and that it was not the HP way. The Compaq merger is a perfect example. Whether they were all sound decisions is debatable. Carly did feel that “Some Board members’ behavior was amateurish and immature.” ( Fiorina, 293) to let her continue her job adequately.

It was very interesting that throughout her memoirs she took pride in her good judgment, yet it is doubtful that she always made the right decisions at HP. She admitted to a few errors in judgment such as rushing the layoffs, but there were still others that she didn't confess to. She claimed that she wrote this book, in part for the readers to learn about business and management. If this were true, she should have been completely honest about her miscalculations so we could learn from her mistakes. Her memoirs were one side of her story at one point she did say “ I have severed because I believe deeply in this company” (Fiorina, 297) and it was normal for her to be self-forgiving and be honest about how she felt. She claimed she was completely stunned when she...

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