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Carl Sauers View On The Cultural Landscape And How Its Related Into My Society

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Topic: Cultural Landscape

Cultural landscape is an important part of the landscape as it influences various changes which we human beings associated with its boundaries. Cultural landscape also reveals much about our evolving relationship with the natural world. Thus, this essay seek to discuss and argue that carl Sauer’s view of cultural landscape has a special place in understanding the evolving nature of the cultural landscape is, then show how and why Carl Sauer view help me to understand and perceive the cultural landscape of my piece of reference in a different light.
To begin with, cultural landscape is define as a geographical region, together with cultural and natural resources ...view middle of the document...

This is mostly happen in other places such as cities. For example, In Fiji there is a lot of new buildings such as the supermarkets and city mall. Humans have done development mainly on infrastructures or shops to suite them. This is one of the main point that I argue with Carl Sauer’s view as he already stated that it is not the determinism mostly possibilism. The environmental determinism is- how the physical environment causes social development. This type of human environment interaction is characterized by the various limitations posed by the physical environment such as ways in which human development is altered or hindered by the environment. The environmental possibilism highlights the facts that the type of human environment interaction is basically the way in which humans overcome the environment. As this can be observed in any situation where humans conquer the environment and how humans adjust to the challenges posed by the physical environment such as through building roads through arid land or establishing radical settlements in inhospitable conditions.
In addition, Cultural landscape have a life of their own. As Sauer mentioned that culture landscape born, grow, live and die accordingly on their own lifecycle. Culture is fragile meaning that it can be grow and also after sometimes it can also be die out if people are not aware of it. Conferring to (Sauer 1938),he said that culture is also a lifecycle which means that it can be lost if people are not maintaining their culture very well for the future generations this is relates to the people and environment the cultural landscape that they are after for. For instance, the cultural landscape that demonstrate in every day. This is what cultural landscape is all about. For example, the coastal areas in Fiji. Sigatoka is one of the coastal areas that Fiji is known about apart from the other pacific islands in the pacific region. One of the good example is that the languages that they use in everyday will be different from other people’s language to communicate with each other in the community in Sigatoka. Different cultural landscape is being practiced in a particular place.
Different cultural landscape is being practiced in a particular place. Another example is that the environment are being damaged by human beings like the shopping malls that human are creating for their benefits in...

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