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Carl Robins The New Campus Recruiter For Abc

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ABC Incorporated Case Study
Randy Carlson
December 10, 2012
Kimberly Mitchell

ABC Incorporated Case Study
ABC Incorporated has hired 15 new trainees. These trainees were hired in early April by campus recruiter Carl Robins. The trainees will report to Operations Supervisor Monica Carrolls. Monica expects Carl to handle all of the necessary onboarding arrangements. She expects the trainees will be working by July 1st. Several problems have been identified that will prevent this from happening. Solutions to these problems have been identified by this case study. Carl must act immediately and carry out the proposed solutions, if he wants the trainees to start work on or before ...view middle of the document...

The incomplete applications are an oversight by Carl. Carl should not have hired people with incomplete applications. Carl should have checked on the completeness of each application when the trainees were recruited in April. Carl did not re-check the completeness of the applications until Memorial Day weekend had passed. Carl had almost two months to make sure that each trainee completed his or her application properly.
Missing Transcripts
Some trainees do not have their transcripts on file. Each trainee could have checked to make sure Carl received his or her transcripts, but the chief responsibility falls on Carl. I believe that the missing transcripts are another oversight by Carl. Carl had from the beginning of April until the end of May to confirm the receipt of all transcripts, which was more than enough time. Carl was not proactive enough to make sure that this requirement was fulfilled.
Incomplete Drug Screening
Drug screening is mandatory for all new hires. None of the trainees were sent to the clinic for drug screening. If the trainees knew about the drug screening and were not sent to the clinic they could have let Carl know. In this case, the trainees may be partially responsible, but the major responsibility belongs to Carl. Carl had approximately two months to make sure the trainees completed and passed their drug screening. Carl should have noticed over the course of two month that no drug screening results were received. If the drug screening is not completed, none of the trainees will start work by the July 1st deadline.
Training Room - Orientation
The training room that Carl intended to use for trainee orientation on June 15th is double booked. Joe from technology services has booked the room for the entire month of June. During the month of June, the room will be used for database training seminars. Carl should have checked his reservation for the training room sooner. Carl had approximately two months to confirm his June 15th reservation for the training room. The new trainees will not be able to start working before July 1st, if they do not receive orientation before then.
A lack of ownership, thoroughness, and follow-through on Carl’s account is the root of each key problem above. Carl’s lack of follow-through affects the trainees, the Operations Supervisor, and his own career in each case. The affected trainees will not be able to start work until their applications are complete, their transcripts are received and their drug screening has been completed. Operations Supervisor, Monica Carrolls’ department will not be fully staffed by July 1st if these trainees miss their start date, because of unfulfilled onboarding requirements. Carl’s ability to successfully onboard employees will be called into question by ABC Incorporated, Monica Carrolls, and the trainees he has hired. Because of Carl’s inability to reserve a training room, Joe in Technology Services will also question Carl’s abilities.


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