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Timothy Jensen

Carl Robins who is a rookie for ABC Inc. was given the task to hire 15 new employees and have them in orientation by June 15. Being that Carl was so new to his position he accepted the offer of being in charge of these employees without taking into consideration what his task really would consist of and the process of getting it done.
On May 15th Carl receives a phone call from Monica which was the person these fifteen people would be working for. When Carl answers the phone he sounds positive toward Monica as she is kind of high through the checklist Carl with a smile on his face and laughing loudly assures her that she has nothing to ...view middle of the document...

Besides all the problems that Carl is having with the documentation and drug screening he has also fallen into a huge issue with the room where the orientation is to take place, come to find out it is already booked and is being occupied by Joe who will be conducting computer training seminars the same day Carl was supposed to use it.
Key Problems
The key problems here are pretty simple to see. We have Carl who is new to his role in the company and due to the experience not being there on his side he completely forgets about his new hire applications not being completed or being that he had no agenda he might of thought his employees completed the whole application process but in reality they didn’t. the other piece which I personally think it ties in with his lack of experience is the drug tests not being complete. If Carl would have had more experience in his position and role he would have individually sent his new hires in a timely matter to get drug tested and he wouldn’t have fallen in this type of situation. Carl also lost track of the orientation manuals which should have been an important part to keep up with. The hall being booked and occupied at the same time by someone else also shows a huge problem because not only is Carl stuck trying to find a place to hold his orientation but he is also in danger of looking bad in front of his trainees and making his company look bad by presenting it here.
Carl is running out of time and needs a quick fix to the problem with orientation just around the corner he needs to act fast and discretely so that this situation doesn’t get out of hand and out of control. What he first needs to do is get a hold of all fifteen new hires in any way possible. Carl will have to get them in one at a time in a 72hr window. Once he starts to get them to attend his office he will then have them finish the application process that is still pending on most of his employees and while that is being done he can complete their transcripts to get it out of the way as well. once the application and the transcript process are completed before the new hire leaves the office they will be directly sent to perform a drug test that way Carl can hopefully have the results within 48hrs. once the drug test results have come back to Carl then he can immediately get the orientation manuals to his employees that way when orientation day comes they can be ready to go. The only thing left now for Carl to worry about and a very important thing is to find a solution for the training room. The best solution that Carl can think of is to try and negotiate a solution with Joe who has the training room for the whole month of June. Maybe if possible Carl can talk to someone in upper management to help with the situation and if Joe’s training is more important the last thing we want to happen is to get this long awaited orientation to be postponed so we need to start prioritizing and seeing what is more important so to speak, so...

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