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Carl Jung Symbol Essay

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Savinja Gurung
Mrs. Cheatham
English 100
Feb 10, 2015
Critical Analysis of Carl Jung’s “The Importance of Dreams”
Jung, one of the most important and most complex psychological theorist of all time, holds the belief that dreams are symbols of human unconsciousness. He finds the very intimate relationship between symbol, unconsciousness and dreams. In his essay “ The Importance of Dreams”, Jung describes that man produces symbols unconsciously and spontaneously, in the forms of dreams. He says that dreams are outlet of unconsciousness. He describes that how human incompetence to define and inability to explain certain things which is beyond human reasoning always ...view middle of the document...

More over every concrete objects is always unknown in certain respects that makes conscious knowledge harder to perceive the ultimate nature of matter itself. So the inability to comprehend the ultimate essence of any matter, event and experience by conscious knowledge becomes store as an unconsciousness factors of human psyche that appears as some kind of symbols. Hence human being has dreams that express those repressed unconsciousness aspect of conscious psyche in the form of different symbols..
Jung goes further and states that “ dreams are the most frequent and universally accessible sources for the investment of man’s symbolizing faculty”( 193) . As it is already clarified earlier in the essay that human repressed unconsciousness of conscious mind is expressed through different symbols, so dreams are not just a matter of chance but are associated with conscious human’s thoughts and problems. Jung as talks about human unconsciousness, there are individual unconsciousness and collectiveness. Individual unconsciousness is composed of past memories and experiences which have been repressed, as well as memories that are unimportant and have simply been dropped from conscious awareness. Whereas collective unconsciousness contents and images appear to be shared with people of all time periods and all cultures. For example water is symbol of transparency in many culture. The sign of peace and swastika is shared same meaning in several cultures. Life and death, light and darkness are also shared the common or universal collective experiences. Thus there are so many symbols that represents universally the unconsciousness mind of all human psyche. The history of psychoanalytical practice proves the fact that , it was the study of dreams that first enabled psychologist to investigate the unconscious aspect of conscious psychic events. So the pattern of expressing our problems and troubles often through our dreams using different symbols has exists universally.
It is already known that dream is symbolic expression of human unconscious mind. Jung claims that “only the material that is clearly and visibly part of a dream should be used in interpreting it. The dream has its own limitation. Its specific form tells us what belongs to it and what leads away from it”( 196). Jung is right in his approach because the process of understanding the symbols presented in dreams can be important. As dream is a symbolic expression of our unconscious mind, understanding of dream itself and interpretation of dream helps us to have better understanding of human inner world and self. As Jung says that dreams have some special and significant function of their own and they do have their own...

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