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Prior to having a child I never truly invested any time contemplating my future I was on auto pilot and just cruising through life with no true goals or passions. Once I found out I was having a kid everything changed. I found myself contemplating my future and started to focus on establishing goals for my professional and personal life. With my new found focus I started to actually care about the quality of my work and also started to take on new responsibilities at my job. Due to this new found focus I was quickly promoted to a trainer and 3 months later I was promoted to a manager. To my surprise the role of manager came naturally and I had immediate success. It turns out I have a ...view middle of the document...

The only real con that I was able to find for this role is that many management analyst are required to act as traveling salesmen due to constantly having to travel through out the world to make sales pitch to various organizations.

For the second degree I will explore Top Executive. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the primary role of a Top Executive is to drive production ensuring a company reaches its goal through implementation of policies and strategies. I am no stranger to this sort of task the primary source of my past success as a manager was that I was able to come up with effective strategies that increased my teams’ production while also maintaining a high quality rate. Per the O*Net Online website a majority of positions in this field require some sort of post graduate degree. As mentioned earlier earning potential is extremely important to me, so I also took a look at the earning potential of a Top Executive in the Atlanta area, once again I utilized to find this information: median salary for $246,949. Based off my search into this role my only cause of concern in this role is the stress load. As a Top Executive you are responsible for the rise and fall of an organization, your decisions and actions can have a rippling effect on the economy and many people’s lives.

The careers of Management Analysts and Top Executives search many similarities. In both fields people focus on increasing efficiency in an organization and increasing profit while keeping sight of quality. Both of them require some sort of degree and both career paths over a lot of flexibility as they may both work can work for many different industries. The primary difference between the two is that typically becoming a Top...

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