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Understanding your personal competencies will help you learn your strengths and weaknesses. I believe by doing that, it will shed some light on things that you may need to work on and perfect. It will allow you to list what you have and what needs perfected. Being able to communicate is key quality to being successful in a management position. Without communication nothing up or down the structure pole gets done. Leadership is what being a manager is. The ...view middle of the document...

Being a strong communicator will help you succeed professionally as well as in life.
Sometimes when it comes to communicating, I can be a little detached. Other occasions I can be straightforward and intimidating. A lot of times people tend to shut down when they feel that they are dealing with someone who is aggressive. It is not my intension to seem aggressive, but at the same time I guess people who feel that way is somewhat weak in there competencies. I would have to dial back my approach to people when it comes to communicating and to have more patience in receiving information or feedback. Other times I feel that I need to communicate a little more. I am not big on people in general. So I would say that I am anti-social to a certain existent.
Although I feel that I am an all around individual, there is always something that needs work. I cannot be specific on communication techniques that I would have to adapt so I would have to focus on all techniques. There is nothing wrong with brushing up on skills that you have conquered because there are always new ones. I have to speak my mind and fight for myself more than what I have been. No one is going to take care of you except you.

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