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Career Opportunities In Hospitality Industry Essay

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Career Opportunities in Hospitality Industry
Cruise Line

Hotel Director - The Hotel Director oversees the whole Hotel Operations including the Guest Services department, the Food and Beverage department, the Housekeeping department, and the Entertainment department.

Marketing and Revenue Manager - Oversees all the revenues onboard the ship and helps implement strategies to increase onboard sales within various departments. Candidate works closely with the Hotel Director and Cruise Director as well as the Training and Development Manager.

Guest Services Manager - Oversees the Customer Relations Manager, Financial Controller, and Shore Excursions Manager.

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Shore Excursion Assistant - Sells and books tours for guests; Assists with the printing of tour tickets and distributing to passengers.

Dive Instructor - The Dive Instructor coordinates the vessel's Sea Trek program both on the ship and on the islands. This position guides tours, provides dive and snorkelling instruction, and promotes rental equipment on the RCCL private islands.

International Host/Hostess - The International Host assists passengers with translation services. This position provides translations for printed material such as shore excursion pamphlets, menus, and the onboard activities newsletter. The International Host also serves as a translator for public announcements and for communications between the Documentation Officer and customs and immigration officials.

Guest Services Associate - Guest Services Associates goal is to provide guest satisfaction. They must answer guest questions, resolve passenger complaints and provide front desk services. Front desk services include registering guest credit cards, processing account payments, and exchanging currencies.

Printer - This position is responsible for all print media such as daily ship newsletter, menus and shore excursion pamphlets.

Inventory Manager - Manages the hotel operation's inventory and storeroom to ensure the business needs of the ship.

Assistant Inventory Manager - Assists the Inventory Manager with his duties.

Bellboy - Responsible for hand delivering the internal mail around the ship.

Hotel Clerk - Provides administrative assistance to the guest services department.

Executive Housekeeper - Oversees the overall operation of the Housekeeping Department including all public area spaces.

Assistant Executive Housekeeper - Assists the Executive Housekeeper in his/her duties.

Accommodation Supervisor - The Accommodation Supervisor oversees the stateroom stewards on one or more decks of the ship; Monitors and inspects the room stewards in their duties; Assigns duties to stateroom stewards; Reports maintenance issues; Provides on the job training for room stewards.

Facilities Manager - Oversees maintenance and repair of facility's furnishings (including plants), plumbing, carpentry, lighting, and sound.

Butler - Assist with packing and unpacking; Delivers room service; Makes reservations; Book shore excursions; Set up cocktail parties; Depending on cruise line, the butler is also the stateroom steward.

Captain's Steward - Cleans the Captain's cabin; Cleans the other senior officer cabins in the same deck areas; Delivers meals as requested; Sets up Captain's conference room with food and beverage as requested.

Stateroom Steward - Cleans 10 to 15 assigned staterooms on a twice daily basis; Provides turndown service; Assists with luggage distribution on embarkation and disembarkation; Provides excellent guest service.

Accommodation Attendant - Assists the cabin steward with their duties.

Pool Deck Service Host - Sets up...

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