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Career Management Essay

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The article discusses several methods and indicators of quality and strategy when linked to strategic human resource management. What key aspects of this article do you think you can apply most to your current organization? Since the article was published, many things have changed that might make this article of limited use. Please find a more contemporary piece (2010 or after) on the topic and summarize the article. Your response to this should include at least one outside reference from an academic journal and provide a solid overview of your understanding of strategic Human Resource Management. Respond to at least two of your fellow classmates posts.
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It must show them how what they do either together or individually fits into that strategy. Importantly, it should indicate how people are going to be rewarded for their contribution and how they might be developed and grow in the organization. Therefore, the way individuals view or perceive the Human Resource practices they are associated with correlated to their input and overall assessment of the organization. This makes is more worthy for high-performers to recruit, train and retain employees in their organization compared to average or low performers.
Appleby and Mavin (2000), "Innovation Not Imitation: Human Resource Strategy and the Impact on World-Class Status
Case Study; putting Social Media to Work. (2014).

I do agree that in tough times, an organization should be able to cut down to a level where they can manage and effective carry on their operation without creating additional risk. That being said, outsourcing, still remains one of the most risky and doubtful atmosphere that organizations present to its members and shareholders. Thus should be...

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