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Career Essay

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One of the careers I have looked into was Physical Therapy. I asked myself five questions about this occupation also did a little research before completely answering the questions fully. The questions were, what do they do? What is the salary? What is the work environment? What is the salary? What is the job outlook? I possibly want to become a physical therapist so I feel as though these are very good things to know before going into it.
What do Physical Therapist do? Well you may are thinking they only work with athletes but that’s wrong, they help injured or ill people improve their movement and learn to manage their pain. An important part of their job is rehabilitation and treatment ...view middle of the document...

The job outlook for physical therapy is 36% in the year 2012. It says that it the fastest it has gone. There are many good things to becoming a physical therapist, it just will be a lot of work and a lot of time spent in school before you actually do something or become someone.
Being undecided, I chose to look into another career, just to see what the different things are for it. I chose five different questions to ask about being a Registered Nurse. I chose to ask about working in a hospital as a RN. I chose Community Hospital in Munster, IN. I asked simple but pretty understanding questions about the company.
What is the company’s main goal? I would like to work for someone who is known for doing something good for the community and itself. Community Hospital’s main goal is to provide the highest quality care in the most cost-efficient manner, respecting the dignity of the individual. Also providing for the well-being of the community and serving the needs of all people including poor and the disadvantage.
Where is the company based out of? Another great question to know rather or not you’ll have to pick up and move once your job makes you do so. Or knowing if you have to work overseas or not. Luckily, I chose a company where they are located in Munster, IN and have other locations just a few miles apart from each other. So if I had to face the risk of being moved to a different hospital, there are many just nearby.
How does the company help the consumer? I wasn’t sure if this was a very important question to ask but once I thought about it, a company should always keep its consumers in mind and always keep them satisfied and coming back for more. At Community Hospital, they value meeting the vital responsibilities in the community. They serve and take a leadership role in enhancing the quality of life and health.
What are the benefits? You can work for someone who gives you a fortune, but you have to spend half a fortune spending it on benefits for yourself. Having good benefits is very important in choosing who to work with. At Community Hospital, working as a RN, you have many benefits. You have a health plan, wellness plan, preparation for the future, security for the unexpected, family and work/ life balance, individual and career development and a helping hand. They offer these benefits to all of their employees.
What experience is need to work here? Well if I would want to...

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