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Career Development Plan Job Analysis And Development

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Career Development Plan Part I
Megan Butler
February 22, 2010
David Spencer, InterClean’s CEO, believes that for the company to remain a major competitor in the sanitation industry, it must meet the new regulations and change their selling point from high quality cleaning products to customized solutions. The merger of Inter-Clean and Envirotech has given the company a new strategic direction in the industrial cleaning service industry. Inter-Clean will begin selling solutions and services, along withthe products. In order to support this new direction, we need create a new sales team through job analysis, create a workforce planning system and select the appropriate employees that ...view middle of the document...

3) Be willing to conduct follow-up sales calls. 4) Follow leads from existing clients to identify prospective customers, attend trade shows and conferences, or by participating in organizations and clubs. 5) Exchanging information with colleagues on different selling techniques in the industrial cleaning service industry. 6) Willing to attend regular training session for the ever-changing regulations being set by the EPA.
In order for us to outline an action plan,we must first identify issues we will face with the staffing of the new sales team. The current sales force at Inter-Clean does not have the knowledge regarding customized client service solutions. The key items in the new customized solution model are a knowledgeable skill set of customer service, communication, and compliance and regulatory for which most of Inter-Cleans sales force lacks. Training in sanitary regulations, products information and building customer relationships is needed for the sales force to align with the new business direction. Envirotech sales force exhibits many of the core values necessary to meet the goals of providing customer service. Inter-Clean must integrate its business and be able to deliver more than its competitors and at the same time build a stable work culture which retains the best and brightest employees. The challenge will be to merge two organizations in to one cohesive and trusting organization, develop solutions that include employee training programs that meet the needs of a full range of industrial service packages customized to individual customer needs. Inter-Clean will need to restructure, evaluate the current talent within the two organizations, determine any needs in recruitment, develop the product and services and lastly, develop an extensive training program that will give the tools needed especially for sales management team and the employees. The new compensation plan for all outside sales representatives will be a base-salary plus commission pay scale. We believe that if the sales force is strictly working on “commission only” then they will not focus on the customer and building a long-term relationship. They will clearly focus on making the sale to earn the commission and then move on to the next sale instead of creating customer loyalty.
The importance of Inter-Clean implementing the most efficient employee selection techniques cannot be understated. When it comes to employee selection, making the right decisions can play a major role in the effectiveness of the organization. Selecting the best candidates can increase productivity, reduce the degree of training necessary, and reduce high staff turnover. The new strategic plan as a result of the merger will change the focus for InterClean. The plan will require changes in job assignments and job descriptions. There will be six new...

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