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Career Choices Essay

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When I was younger, I had a bunch of different ideas as to what I wanted my career to be. My first love was art, and for my age, I was an excellent artist. I only got better as I got older...until I began to write. Writing took me into a different world, where I could put my creativity to great use and have fun doing it. As I got older, however, I grew lazier, and writing seemed to become too big of a struggle for me, although I remained good at it. I began to explore new things, with the help of my parents this time. My true calling turned out to be music, as I and others discovered that I had an amazing talent for singing. I stuck with it throughout middle and high school, and I am now a Music major at Middlesex County College, hoping to transfer into a prominent music school by next fall. Nevertheless, I do have other plans in case the music career doesn't work out for me.

Of course, my main career choice is to become a musician. I ...view middle of the document...

Along with singing, I also write my own songs and I've written maybe 1 or 2 songs for other singers. So if singing doesn't work out for me for some reason, I wouldn't mind being a songwriter either.

Another career I would love to pursue is photography. I love to take photos, although I don't do it often. Yet whenever I have a camera in my hands, I take advantage of the opportunity and capture anything I see, from the smallest detail to the most obvious thing in the room. I've always wanted a professional camera so that I could just walk around my neighborhood and capture the daily life, the nature, the animals. But because I can't afford a professional camera, I simply take pictures with my digital camera, using the Macro effect to give it the professional look. You can't even begin to imagine how much fun this is for me. Sometimes, I contemplate which career I truly want to purse, music or photography. For now, it's music. But I'm glad to know I have a solid backup plan.

My final choice as to the careers I would pursue would probably be music producer. The thing is, I don't really see myself doing anything else but things tied in with the arts, music specifically. If I can't become a singer nor a songwriter, I would love to become a producer and make music for other musicians. In the present, I make beats for my friends who consider themselves rappers, and I make my own music as well. I love to make beats and I love to experiment with different sounds, and I feel that I would be a great producer because I have a creative perspective towards music in an era where creativity is lacking. Plus, I have way too much fun making music, and I feel that any career you decide to pursue should involve you having a good time while you're doing it.

To sum everything up, the three careers I would pursue would be musician, photographer, and producer. I couldn't picture myself doing anything else but music, yet photography and anything else involving the arts have always intrigued me. I feel one's career should be something they love to do, and these 3 things are things I love to do. I love to sing, make music, and take pictures, so these careers fit pretty well with me. It feels good to know that I have other plans in case my main plan doesn't.

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