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Career Analysis: Video Game Programmer

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Dallas Brown
Professor Espinosa
Introduction to SGD
23 October 2013

Career Analysis: Video Game Programmer
Video games have been part of my life for as long as I can remember, but several years ago I became increasingly interested in what goes on behind the scenes to make them work and that is why I am now aspiring to be a video game programmer. My overall goal is actually to become a lead video game designer. To achieve this goal I must first establish myself in the industry as a programmer because design jobs are typically not entry-level and require more experience. Before planning the steps I will need to take to become a video game physics engine programmer I must first analyze ...view middle of the document...

As a physics programmer I will most likely be answering to the lead engine programmer as well as working closely with both the general game and graphics engine programmers. Depending on the company, there may be no job title such as “physics engine programmer” in which case I would either be considered a game engine programmer or a graphics engine programmer. None the less, the role I play in the development/business cycle of a game I am developing will most likely be vital because without a physics engine, a game world would quite literally have no laws of physics to abide by or interact with. With that said, almost all 2D games require no real physics engine but instead require simple movement/collision techniques which could be considered to some as a 2D physics engine; an physics engine there does not require any real knowledge in physics. Now that I have established what it is I want to do in the industry, I must plan out the path that I must take in my career to reach the position of a physics/engine programmer.
My first priority in achieving my goal while at Wake Tech should be to register for as many physics/calculus classes as I can to give myself a head start in achieving a greater understanding and broader knowledge base of the 2 topics. I must do this while also completing my SGD Programming Degree at Wake Tech; preferably while getting credit towards my degree. During this time I should network as much as I can while seeking advancement opportunities such...

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