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Care Values Essay

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Care values
Care value base is to enable people to develop their full potential and is a range of standards for health and social care and is designed to guide professionals. The aim is to improve client’s quality of life, by ensuring that each person gets the care that is appropriate for them as an individual.
The care value base is widely used in care settings and has different levels to it, for example, organisation, legislation and the personal behaviour of care workers. Miller (1996) argued that behind the core value base are two key values. First one being “respect for the worth and dignity of every individual” and the second being “According social justice and promoting the health ...view middle of the document...

Communicating in a non-stereotypical way is a care value and Communication is a key factor in a health and social care environment. Communication can also be viewed as not only what you say, but also the way you present yourself whilst saying it. Stereotyping is something that people do a lot and this is when someone judges someone by what they look like, their life background, religion, sex and more but sometimes we don’t actually take into account their own needs and skills but not only that but we don’t always understand what is right for them and their culture, making it hard to communicate effectively. In a health and social care environment we would need to be sure that we help them by not what we see but what we know and belief is right for them using our own initiative as well as facts to do what we can to help. Stereotyping can lead to poor communication which makes that person feel unvalued and discriminated. An example of stereotyping would be to assume that just because their a child doesn’t mean they are dumb and therefore should be treated with respect and told the truth while getting to the point but you would also need to realise their a child who don’t always know what complicated words mean so when communicating you should try to also speak to their level and comfort them.
Confidentiality in another care value and it is the protection of personal information. Confidentiality means keeping a client’s information between you and the client, and not telling others including co-workers, friends, family, etc. Confidentiality is important since it protects an individual’s amount of personal information that can be disclosed without consent. It occurs when a person’s discloses personal information and requires his/her privacy to be protected. Confidentiality can boost an individual’s trust in someone else and give them more confidence but if confidentiality is broken, it could make the person feel very embarrassed and angry because the person promised that they wouldn’t say anything however confidentiality can be broken in order to ensure the persons safety and the well-being of others around the individual. An example of confidentiality would be if a teenage girl went to the doctors about an abortion and she told them not to tell her parents then legally the doctor will not be able to tell anyone otherwise she can take them to court as it is in fact law to keep confidentiality.
Dignity is another care value and it is the state or quality of being worthy of honour or respect. Dignity is important because it makes people feel respected and confident. An example in hospitals to keep a patients dignity would be to close the curtains when dressing them and ensuring that no one can see them therefore they feel comfortable and respected but also by not making a fuss or drawing attention to them too much especially in front of other patients. Another would be if they had an accident in their bed, you would calmly tell them that it’s okay and...

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