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Care Plan Essay

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Name of community and zip code:
Plymouth, MI

Brief history of the community:
City in Wayne County with a population of 9,132. Population includes 93 % Caucasian, 2.6% Hispanic, 1.5% Black, 1.5% Asian and 1.4% other. Total square miles of 2.22 (2.21 is land and 0.01 is water).

Community health nursing assessment (Priority problem for this zip code and justification for the identified problem):
The priority problem for Plymouth, MI 48170 is heart disease. During my survey of the community, I did notice a lot of people dining in restaurants/bars, eating outside on restaurant patios smoking and drinking alcohol. Some of these people were obese. Smoking, drinking and obesity are ...view middle of the document...

These interventions are supported by the evidence-based literature. Use APA when citing the source of your interventions):
At least 3 interventions that could help us achieve our short and long goals would be:
1) Provide informational pamphlets on diet, exercise and low cholesterol. Information would include meal plans . Also pamphlets or information on ways to quit smoking including oral medications, patches, gum and nasal sprays
2) Work in collaboration with hospitals, clinics or outpatient facilities to devise dietary programs; alcohol, smoking and obesity support groups.
3) Work with insurance companies to help decrease insurance premiums for those who are compliant non smokers, non drinkers and those with a normal BMI <30
4) Work with local government to help fund programs in the community to aid patients with risk factors and provide preventative cardiac rehab for high risk patients.
5) Community health nurses to be provided with assistance to provide education,...

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