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Care Of The Older Person Essay

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CARE SKILLS: Assignment 2

Mrs.Margaret is a 90 years old lady who is on full assistance in all the activities of daily living. She suffers from osteoporosis and had broken a femur bone from a fall at home. A bone density scan shows that she has paper thin bones. She was brought by her daughter to XYZ nursing home as they were not able to look her after at home. Margaret is confined to bed and to her ‘rise and reclining’ chair which is comfortable.

Assessment of Risk Factors and pain

It is important to maintain the skin integrity of Margaret as she is more likely to have pressure sore. Special care has to be given while turning the sides, lifting her and changing her clothes ...view middle of the document...

In spite of the fact that they don’t understand what she says, they just give her a smile and that’s very comforting for her and she likes it very much.

• She sometimes watches television but does not have any preferred television programme.

• She likes the visit by the priest.
• She has a rosary beeds and picture of Mother Mary and like them to be placed in her vicinity.

Level of assistance required for the client

She is on full assistance. The carer has to know what she is able to eat, what position she likes to sit on her chair she is in the activities room and in the dining room. One has to be careful while lifting her manually as is suffering from osteoporosis. She has to be encouraged to have more liquid. Her bony prominents are to be checked regularly for pressure sore. If any redness is noticed, it is to be reported to the duty nurse.

Arrange for the visits by the family and interact and communicate with them.

It is important to understand her facial expressions and gestures.

Mechanical aids that improve the client’s quality of life, promote independence and improve morale and self image.

She has a ‘rise and reclining’ chair which is very comfortable and that can be pushed back. She...

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