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Care Kenya Essay

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CARE Kenya

Providing New Opportunities Through
Empowering Individuals and Communities

CARE International is a non-political, non-religious global network of humanitarian organizations with a goal to reduce poverty. It was founded in 1946 with a mission to help individuals and families living in the poorest communities in the world get out of poverty. According to Tom Ewart (2005), CARE also helps to promote innovative solutions and lasting change by strengthening capacity for self-help, providing economic opportunities, and delivering relief in emergencies to more than 45 million people every year. Some of the countries that CARE operates projects in are Indonesia, Jamaica, and ...view middle of the document...

This strong core competency gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors. CARE Kenya stands out because of their abilities to coordinate diverse production skills, their commitment to work across organization boundaries while helping people get out of poverty, and their worldwide movements and leadership to end poverty. Their dedication and willingness to work in different poor districts and individuals in Kenya and all over the world sets them apart from other organizations.
According to (Ewart,2005) George Odo ,senior manager in charge of CARE Kenya’s commercial sector development projects, suggested a strong opinion that, “the best way to help smallholders achieve their development agenda is to help them get access to market because this will help them will increase their income and improve their live as whole”. Most of the small farmers cannot afford to compete for markets because of small capital.
Additionally, CARE Kenya has been progressing and expanding to different districts all over Kenya. This gives CARE Kenya an advantage over competitors because they will be as a primary source to people living within that area. Establishing these branches will give them a chance to realize and experience problems that surrounding people are facing and the best ways to improve and solve them including maintaining a close relationship between CARE Kenya and the community. According to Ewart (2005), CARE’s development strategies have been progressing overtime. CARE has been working with its volunteers by undertaking small-scale projects such as building schools, provide much needed infrastructures, (like large irrigation systems) and lending small amounts of money to small groups of poor entrepreneurs to help them succeed with their business (Ewart, 2005). In addition, it helps them to survive the market especial in large competitive markets.
While CARE Kenya has produced many success stories externally with farmers and the community, internally there is turmoil. Overall, functioning of Care Kenya’s REAP project is negative. Central Management Units (CMU’s) are operating at a loss and are not expected to turn profit for the next two to three years despite great performance of the Production Units (PU). Reasons for operating at such a meek level are linked directly to the farmers. Empowered farmers are able to perform well in the projects given to them but disputes among farmers contracted in the PU are battered by strife and underperformance. It has come to the attention of CARE that operations that do not meet capacity or designated targets will deeply affect the success of CARE. Operations tied to management of CARE resources will have a significant and long term impact on the REAP project and sustainability of its CMU’s.
CARE is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that decided during the micro finance revolution to have a market based approach to development. They sought to fill in what they...

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