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Care Home South Rehabilitation And Assisted Living

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Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted Living
Daphanie Caldwell
American InterContinental

As people age, more are faced with the outlook of moving either ourselves or an older family member into an assisted living environment, nursing or convalescent home. It may be from a decision that happens suddenly following hospitalization, or progressively as needs of one become more difficult to meet, and may require other types of housing. When making a decision to move in to a new place it can be stressful and have effects on everyone involved. People have different views when it comes to these various environments this can be due to misconceptions about these ...view middle of the document...

Whether healing from a serious illness or making a life transition, we can help. The services that are provided are Rehabilitation Therapy in Transitional Care Units to specialized rehabilitation in cardiac, orthopedic or pulmonary; we help our patients get back home.  We also offer Long Term Care options, including specialized Alzheimer's / Dementia Care or you can choose the freedom and companionship offered at our Assisted/Senior Living Communities.
The core competencies include a combination of skill trained employees, up to dates technologies, state of the art processes, knowledge or expertise that stands above the rest. This is achieved as a result of long-term development processes and experiences. There are existing geriatric nursing competencies that were developed and shared in 2000 by the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing and the American Association of Colleges in Nursing (AACN). The competencies are some of the models that teach effective communication. These can be the skills that help in listening, understanding, addressing emotional behaviors resolving conflict and understanding the role of diversity in the communication. It also helps by creating a system to maintain consistency of caregivers for residents. With the core competencies of the facility the staff is able to view the care setting as the residents’ home and works to help create the attributes of home (Pioneer Network, 2014).
Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living must be able to provide complete rehabilitation medical care that is compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of mental health problems and the promotion of health for older adults suffering from many disorders. The expectations that the residents and their families at Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living expect are very high. They are looking for the highest quality of care and the best knowledge from the highly trained employees who care for them. By setting high standards, encouraging honest feedback, and rewarding individual and group achievements is the way to having successful responsible and great employees who are always satisfied with their work (Emeritus, 2014). We are dedicated to providing the best personal service with the highest respect to our clients, employees, and those in the public that we serve.
The physical care of the client is what makes our staff different they show the passion and meet also the emotional needs of the client as well as their family. Care Home South Rehabilitation and Assisted living staff go above and beyond the standards of care and the duties that help make the connections personal between client and staff. This...

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