Carbon Tax: The Australian Government Is Introducing A Carbon Tax And Your Advertising Company Has Been Contacted To Develop An Imc Campaign

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MRKT 19030 Promtions Management
Carbon Tax: the Australian Government is introducing a carbon tax and your advertising company has been contacted to develop an IMC campaign
Develop an IMC plan for the federal government of Australia to promote its new Carbon Tax. The government aims to reduce the amount of misinformation surrounding the implementation of the new tax and therefore has asked your firm to create an awareness campaign aimed at increasing awareness of t actual costs and benefits of the tax
Assessment Task
As the IMC Director of your fictitious advertising firm, your task is to develop an IMC plan to present to the federal government. It will be important you ...view middle of the document...

Justify your use of specific media based on how this communicates with your selected target audiences (s), followed by a conclusion.

Structure f the Report
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Situation analysis
a. Marketing mix analysis
b. Internal factors
i. Company analysis
c. External factors
ii. Customer analysis
iii. Competitor analysis
iv. Environmental analysis
d. Opportunity analysis
4. Objectives
5. Budget
6. A target audience segment analysis
7. Literature Review related to global warming, climate change and other factors that have lead to the introduction of the new tax;
8. At least 3-5 communication strategy- such as developing awareness; or promoting knowledge; influencing interest or consumer attitudes; or developing the tax’s image (chapters 4&7 of Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell)
9. At least 3-5 creative strategies- related specifically to the communication objectives targeting particular market segments for a particular purpose and requires a specific consumer response (Waller 2004, pp 36-77 and Belch, Belch, Kerr & Powell chapters 9-10)
10. A media planning- select the media vehicle (s) you will use for each creative strategy. Justify your use of specific media based on how this communicates with your selected target audiences (s);
11. Media Strategy
e. Advertising
f. Direct marketing
g. Internet and interactive media
h. Sales promotion
i. Public relations
j. Publicity
k. Personal selling
12. Campaign evaluation
13. Conclusion
14. References
1. 12 font size with 1.5 line spacing
2. 3000 words
3. At least 10 scholarly journal articles or academic text books, excluding the course text and references pointing to a website
4. Google, Wikipedia,,, will be treated very negatively
5. Use journal articles from the resources provided below:
6. Resources

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