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Carbon Product Essay

3510 words - 15 pages

Assignment 3B

Table of Contents

1. Introduction- 2

2. Project Definition 2

3. Project Objective 2-5
a. Operational
b. Financial
c. Marketing
d. CSR
4. Stakeholders and Analysis 6
5. Legal and ethical Considerations 6-7
6. Project Schedule 7-9
7. Resources 10-11

8. Budget 11-15

9. Risk Management 15-16

10. References 16-17

1. Introduction
Woolworths is one of the largest retailing companies in Australia. It deals with food and staples. Mr Grant O’Brien is the Managing Director of this company. It holds 190,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. As ...view middle of the document...

3. Project objectives

3.1. Operational Objectives

* To reduce its total energy consumption by 50% using energy efficient bulbs and appliances in all store by the end 2013.
* To organize green campaign throughout Australia and New Zeeland to raise awareness about carbon emission and it effect on environment among the people by 2015.
* To develop and promote green power house and reduce its carbon emission to zero by 2018.
* To use 75% recyclable material to assist its day to day operation and making proper dumping of remaining materials to avoid any kinds of pollution by 2013.

3.2.Financial Objectives
* To make sure that there is availability of government fund of $4,000,000 for the completion of this green project by 2018.
3.3. Marketing Objectives
Marketing is the important element in any organization to exist in the market to sell its product or service. So if we want to stay in the market for long time & if we want to attract our customers, we have to sell our products with value attached.
Increase sales of eco-friendly products: one of the main objectives is to increase the sale of eco- friendly products in our stores. Because we are not just trying to sell our product but we want to clean the environment as soon as possible & as much as we can. So if we are selling eco-friendly product we are pretty much sure that we are contributing the society. We want people to know this thing that we just don’t want to sell the product but to make the environment clean. So we want to make it specific that we are selling eco-friendly products just to make it sure that our first preference is the ‘environment’. So with our marketing objective we want to maximise our sale volume by the end of 2013 to get the 20% return on capital employed.
Expand product consciousness: as a part of our marketing campaign we will be spreading product awareness nationwide for bracing interest in our product that has been in the market for a long time but now it has got that extra feature which makes it better for user & environment. We would like to achieve at least 70% awareness rating after it was in use for 1 year.
Market share objective: after letting people know about our products which are ecofriendly, we want to gain 30% of the market share for grocery by October 2015.
Promotional objective: To increase awareness of the eco- friendly products & global warming in Australia from 14.6% to 29% by march 2015. We will also be encouraging people to use recyclable products to decrease the use of plastic products from 36% to 25% by the end of 2014.
Objective for survival: every one of us is aware of the fact that currently we are in the situation of double dip recession. So in this case we have to encourage more people to buy eco-friendly product because as recession is there no-one wants spend extra on anything so we have to educate more so that they could thing about the planet as well rather than just...

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