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Carbon Fibre Composite Essay

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Carbon fibre reinforced polymer
Institutional analysis

Carbon Fibre reinforced polymer commonly known as CFRP is a very strong composite material that is majorly preferred for many automotive and aeronautical application due to the fact that despite their strength that still light that the traditional metallic materials. The polymers often used to make this composite material is epoxy, polyester, vinyl and even nylon. Thus in making CFRP carbon fibre is often combined with polymers such as epoxy to result in a material that has a very high strength-to-weight ratio.
Carbon fibre reinforced polymers despite being relative expensive as compared to other traditional ...view middle of the document...

5 Gpa). These values are relatively higher when compared with a modulus of 10 msi for aluminium, a modulus of 30 msi for steel and an ultimate tensile strength of 65 ksi, for aluminium and ultimate tensile strength of 125 ksi for steel. As a result, carbon fibre reinforce polymers has a higher modulus of elasticity compared to steel that is considered to be the strongest steel at the same time it also has higher ultimate tensile strength than steel. CFRP can be able to support higher values of force before it snaps making it way too stronger than traditional metallic material used automotive industry (Gesellschaft 1981).
According to Bajpai (2013), a CFRP has higher stiffness-to-weight ratio as compared to the steel that is the strongest metal and also than aluminium. Taking, for instance, a plain-weave CFPR bears young modulus value of approximately 6 msi and the same plain-weight has a volumetric density of about 83 lbs/ft3. As a result, the stiffness to weight of the material is about 107 ft. On the other hand, the same size of aluminium material would have a density of 169 lbs/ft3 that result to stiffness to weight of 8.5 x 106 ft. Steel of the same size would have steel is 489 lbs/ft3 and thus resulting in a stiffness to weight of 8.8 x 106 ft. A plain-weave carbon fibre reinforced polymers offer a higher stiffness to weight ratio higher that both aluminium and steel. The stiffness to weight ratio of carbon fibre reinforced polymer is 18% greater than aluminium and 14% greater than steel.
It is thus observed that, the carbon fibre reinforced polymers can be customized through laminate placements so as to not only to offer strength and stiffness in various automobile application but also to achieve this without adding extra weight to the design.
According to Bajpai (2013), carbon fibre reinforce polymers have weakness of being anisotropic in that the strength of the CFRP is directionally dependent and that the strength can only be guaranteed n a specific direction and when a different direction is taken then it bears a totally different strength property.
The challenge of anisotropy has been solved by many manufacturers by arranging the various plies of the reinforced polymer is various angles that are identical to the major loading directions. The arranging of the plies in various direction leads to the formation of a quasi-isotropic layup of the reinforced polymers thus accommodation loads from all the direction and thus achieving the required strength is all directions.
High production rate in the automotive industry
Today, there is a very high demand for cars and other automobiles especially the standard cars. The increasing demand has pile pressure on the manufacturers, and there is the need for manufacturers to match the production rate to the market demand. The application of carbon fibre reinforced polymer has been a challenge for the automobile industry especially in the manufacture of standard cars whose demand is...

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