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Carbon Fibre Essay

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Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is sometimes known as graphite fibre, it is a strong, stiff, lightweight material that has the potential to replace steel and is popularly used in specialized, high-performance products like aircrafts, race cars and sporting equipment.
Carbon fibre was first invented near Cleveland, Ohio, in 1958. It wasn’t until a new manufacturing process was developed at a British research centre in 1963 that carbon fibres strength potential was realized.
Current methods for manufacturing carbon fibre tend to be slow and energy intensive, making it costly for use in mass-produced applications. ...view middle of the document...

Carbon fibre can be woven into a fabric that is suitable for use in defence applications or added to a resin and moulded into preformed pieces, such as vehicle components or wind turbine blades.
Carbon-fibre composites could reduce passenger car weight by 50 percent and improve fuel efficiency by about 35 percent without compromising performance or safety.
Aside from the endless uses in aviation, transport and defence, carbon fibre can be used in other outlets such as sport, for example carbon fibre golf clubs are becoming more popular each day and are being promoted by sports stars who believe that these new pieces of equipment have greatly improved their performance
Aside from the endless uses in aviation, transport and defence, carbon fibre can be used in other outlets such as sport, for example carbon fibre golf clubs are becoming more popular each day and are being promoted by sports stars who believe that these new pieces of equipment have greatly improved their performance
In addition to its uses in manufacturing of cars and planes, advances in carbon fibre will help manufacturers lower the cost and improve the performance of wind turbine blades and towers, electronics, energy storage components and power transmission lines.

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