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Car Brand Essay

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BMW: the most admired car brand in the world
BMW is one of the best-known brands in the world. The famous blue and white roundel symbol is clear proof that the owner is driving a prestige car (or motorbike). The symbol also identifies the brand as delivering the finest design, technology, engineering and quality available in motoring today. [Brand Essence] Helmut Panke, former BMW chairman: ”The BMW brands stand for a promise of fascinating individual automobiles – a promise we do and will keep”. Part of this pledge and key to the brand inside the company is: “Never build a boring BMW”. “This message has huge resonance. It is simple, yet it brings together everyone on our mission,” says ...view middle of the document...

[Brand Values] [Brand Identity] Quality, technology, performance and exclusivity are the BMW brand’s core values. Research and development are ascribed high priority within the company, spending a far greater percentage of profits on R&D than any other automobile maker. Its R&D centre in Munich employs 5,000 engineers and designers. From this technological focus, BMW develops automobiles with a highly individual character. For BMW, performance is more than just the ability to accelerate quickly and take corners at speed – it is a balanced harmony between beautifully designed and crafted working parts. In 1928, BMW licensed the Austin Seven from the British car manufacturer, which it renamed BMW 3/15. In 1933, the blue, white and black BMW spinning propeller roundel logo appeared on the grille and a six-cylinder model with the twin-kidney front grill was introduced – a feature and point of recognition for every BMW car on the road today. In 1945, BMW had to rebuild almost from scratch and struggled to regain focus for 15 difficult post-war years. Then, following the introduction of the BMW 1500 in 1961, BMW started to find its footing as a brand, striking a balance between product development and engineering on one hand, and brand – and marketing - management on the other. The brand styling is carefully incorporated in the entire spectrum of dealer and customer materials - collateral, showroom interior and exterior, design tradeshow environments and manufacturing facilities. both its products and its corporate and brand design. Chris Bangle, Design Director, oversees 220 artists at BMW: “We don’t make automobiles as utilitarian machines that you use to get from point A to point B. We make ‘cars’, moving works of art that express the drivers’ love of quality”. BMW associates itself intensely with the art world. They sponsor art events and often asked famous artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hokney. Olafur Eliasson and a series of others to create a “BMW Art Car”, exhibited in the world’s best museums. [Brand Experience] We make cars The BMW identity is tied to the experience of driving the machine. Details like the feeling of the steering wheel, instrument panel lighting, the suspension and reaction of the engine ensure each BMW feels the same as the last. BMW believes strongly in the importance of product consistency. The brand has enjoyed almost constant growth since it was founded. By 1980, it was producing and selling more than 350,000 cars, rising to 514,000 by 1990 and 822,000 in the year 2000. In the five years up to 2005, when most carmakers struggled with falling sales, BMW car sales increased by a further 37% to 1,127,000 cars in 2005. It also sold 97,500 motorbikes. In doing so, by 2000, BMW was earning more than twice as much as GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler and Volkswagen per car it sold, with a 9.9% operating margin, second only to Porsche. BMW is clearly going from strength to strength.



[Brand Gestalt] BMW’s objective...

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