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Car Air Fresheners Contribute To Half Of The Air Freshener Market In India: Bonafide Research

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Increasing number of car owners, changing consumer preferences, modern lifestyle patterns, developing cab industry and strategic marketing efforts by market players are the major drivers for the enlargement of the Indian car air freshener market.

In the recent years, the air freshener products have transformed from being a commodity to being a necessity. The air freshener products traditionally started out as a product segment catering to odour removal, which has over the years evolved into a stylish segment offering pleasing aromas and active fragrance for mood enhancement. The air freshener products were traditionally used in bathrooms and cupboards which needed to be pleasant smelling. With the introduction of car freshener the manufacturers have shown the places outside of home where air fresheners can be used. The increase in the economic condition has reflected an increase in ...view middle of the document...

38% over five years. Indian air freshener market is mainly categorized into three segments such as home fresheners, car fresheners and bathroom fresheners. With almost half of the market shares, car air freshener category dominates the overall air freshener market in India. The various car air freshener are available in the formats like vent clips, sprays, liquid air fresheners, and gel air fresheners.

The car freshener has become an important part in the car care industry. The car care industry emphasize on the behavior and mood of the driver and to the favorable environment for the passengers. The growth in cab industry and increase in the number of car owners has contributed in the growth of the car freshener market. The car freshener market controls half of the air care market, followed by the home freshener market. The change in the modern lifestyle pattern has made the car care a luxury leading to the increased use of car fresheners. The strategic placement of the car freshener is an important factor for the design format of the car freshener. The formats such as sprays/aerosol, liquid air fresheners, gel air fresheners, trees, and novelty car fresheners, which are specially designed for cars, are used as car fresheners. Players launch various formats and fragrances specialized for car use.

P&G’s Ambi Pur and Godrej’s Aer are popular brands for car fresheners in India. Several brands, such as Glade, Ambi Pur and Air Wick, first launched their products as car air fresheners, to extend the concept of deodorizing and air freshening to spaces outside of where Indians traditionally used these products (bathrooms and cupboards). Apart from spray freshener and liquid freshener they also launched the gel and vent clips formats for the car freshener range. Considering the consumers need the players have opted for natural fragrances like lavender, jasmine, rose, sandalwood,etc. which do not give artificial smell. Such interest of the players in the innovation and product development according to the consumers need has made the car freshener market a pinnacle for the manufacturers.

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